‘Ungodly Hour’ is powerful statement of growth by Chloe x Halle

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Chloe x Halle

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Grade: 4.5/5.0

The sister duo Chloe x Halle released its sophomore album Ungodly Hour on June 12, a week after its original release date, to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Ungodly Hour is a cohesive record with melodies that exude sensuality, empowerment and fun. The duo’s new music is a statement of excellence and womanhood. From the mesmerizing R&B beats to Chloe and Halle’s sweet-sounding voices, this album is a meticulous approach to music. As Chloe explained via Apple Music, Ungodly Hour leaves behind the sisters’ “perfect angels” image and shows their different layers and growth as young women. 

The album’s leading track “Forgive Me” features prominently energetic drums throughout, creating a sense of intense confidence as Chloe sings, “Why you wanna plead the fifth?/ You ain’t gotta tell me what it is/ ‘Cause I saw the messages.” The lyrics continue to tell a story that being sad about a breakup is not an option. Instead, Halle sings, “So forgive me ’cause I’m not teary/ Best believe I’ll move onto better things/ Oh, you lie, oh, you lie/ Give me back all my time.”

Chloe and Halle showcase the versatility of their voices in “Do It,” released as a single May 15. The song narrates a fun night out with friends and shows an unbothered sentiment, with lyrics such as, “We ain’t out here looking for boo/ ‘Cause some nights be better with you/ It’s a homies-only kind of mood.” “Ungodly Hour,” the title track, continues the upbeat energy of “Do It,” while also maintaining a fast-paced sound with the duo’s angellike vocals. Through its passionate lyrics, “Ungodly Hour” seeks to beautifully show Chloe and Halle’s sexualities as young women, Chloe elaborated on Apple Music.

The interlude, “Overwhelmed,” introduces a more serious tone to the last four songs in the album. With just one verse, “Overwhelmed” demonstrates the sisters’ harmonization skills as they sing, “I wish I had all the answers/ Fix it all myself (Oh)/ I feel overwhelmed.” It sets the mood for the next track, “Lonely,” which acknowledges the times when we feel isolated despite not being alone. Similar to “Lonely,” “Don’t Make It Harder on Me” has an upbeat energy while the lyrics talk about a past lover whose behavior makes it hard to move on.

“Wonder What She Thinks of Me” kicks off with the sound of snapping fingers and Halle’s ethereal voice describing what being a mistress is like. Chloe’s sultry and rich vocals display sensuality as she sings, “I wonder what she thinks of me/ When she sees that mark on your neck/ Oh, no, I didn’t mean to go that far.” The last song, “ROYL,” has the perfect sound for a coming-of-age movie soundtrack. It is rowdy and youthful, providing a contrast from the prior track, “I Wonder What She Thinks of Me.” “ROYL” is a song to be careless and free.

While the album is a consistent piece of work, songs such as “Busy Boy,” “Tipsy” and “Catch Up” are the most unmemorable tracks. The late 90s R&B sounds of “Busy Boy” do not make the song stand out until a few listens, and “Tipsy” has a rom-com feeling to it that might have been better as a single. Meanwhile, “Catch Up,” featuring Swae Lee and produced by Mike Will Made-It, just doesn’t bring it as much as other songs in the album. Although these three songs are not as memorable as other tracks, however, they still fit into the overall theme of the album.

Ultimately, the sister duo Chloe x Halle shows a new era of maturity in its career with Ungodly Hour. The sisters’ iconic vocals and their smooth transitions showcase incredible talent. Their sophomore album is proof of their versatility as artists, leaving us waiting for new music that continues to show their growth as artists.

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