Welcoming summer solstice: Reasons to celebrate

Illustration of a group of people dancing in the sun
Layla Chamberlin/Staff

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Summer Solstice, 

Blessings, the summer season is finally approaching, and we thank you, Summer Solstice, for gracing us here in the Northern Hemisphere. We at the Clog welcome the summer season and are grateful for your arrival.

Your arrival could not have been more timely for those of us who have been looking and longing for a reason to be sunny and celebrate with candor. It is the longest day of the year, which tells us that we have entered into a new phase of the year — a part of the year that tends to create memorable, warm and tender moments. Perhaps I am biased because summer is my favorite season, but come on, summer is really a sexy time of the year. During this lovely time of the year, we feel the radiant rays of the sun’s presence for the majority of our days. It really can’t get much hotter than that! 

But back to you, Summer Solstice. You have conceived for us a time to celebrate you and the following summer season. Many people have been celebrating you for generations, from festivities such as Midsummer Day to local parades in the streets of Santa Barbara, all in your name! 

Things are a little different this year, though, Solsti! While many people around the world or in our very local communities may want to congregate to celebrate your arrival and spend the whole, long day outside with one another, we must be a bit more mindful in celebrating you this time around. But, of course, we will still praise you. We must — especially those of us who have been looking for a wholesome celebration in the midst of everything that is going on. 

Fortunately, there are various ways that we can celebrate you, or at least be active with the day. From taking a long, intentional walk outside to spending the day basking in the sun, picnicking and listening to our favorite summer tunes, we can still choose to make a celebration out of your arrival. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or extra because in our hearts, we know that we are taking the day to honor you and perhaps even remember the pleasantness of the past summers we have experienced. 

Personally, I think that I will take the day to eat some good food outside. Hmm, maybe I’ll make that yummy, summertime caprese salad that a past Clogger gave the recipe for. I’ll take some time to listen to my favorite summertime jams, and I’ll probably have a tall glass of lemonade. While that may seem minute, you give us summer-loving people a reason to relax, remember and celebrate, for you have graced us with the sun-kissed season. 

 So, Solsti, with that, we rejoice in your arrival and the great length of your day! We celebrate you!

 Sunny and smiley, 

 A summer-loving Daily Clogger

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