Shantay to slay: Week 3 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ shows no one is safe

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This week on “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” strategy intercepts the competition in ways that make everyone shake in their boots. 

The maxi challenge this week brings something different to the table. The eight remaining queens must compete in an interior design challenge, presenting their own signature hotel suites perfect for a five-star “Ru-tique” hotel.

Miz Cracker, Shea Couleé and Mariah Paris Balenciaga are one team, serving major “Golden Girls” realness with their ’80s Miami-inspired hotel suite. Shea and Miz get along surprisingly well despite Miz’s underlying drama with … almost everyone. Shea even stands up to defend Miz after Alexis Mateo wrongly overhears one of their conversations and assumes Miz must be throwing shade toward her. 

But the bond between Shea and Miz doesn’t aid their “Golden Gals’ Palace and Resort.” Instead, it flops, majorly. Their pink and teal room looks like something off of Pinterest, but their skit lacks humor and disappoints the “Golden Girls”-obsessed judges. 

Jujubee, India Ferrah and Alexis’ team takes us to the “glamazone,” furnishing its suite with army green walls, wicker furniture and mosquito “Ru-pellant.” Jujubee clearly takes the lead and shines during the team’s performance, pushing India and Alexis out of the spotlight. 

Blair St. Clair and Mayhem Miller are teammates yet again, making up the final team with their “24-Karat Experience.” Their room drips with luxury, littered with enough gold to make anyone believe they are living like a Kardashian. Blair and Mayhem bounce off of each other’s energy, making up for their vague “expensive” theme with the funniest performances of the night. 

This week’s runway calls for “three looks in one” and the queens do not hold back. Jujubee comes out looking like a “queen for all seasons” in a holiday-themed ensemble, serving spell-casting witch meets sexy Santa Claus meets gorgeous Easter Bunny. Shea metamorphosizes from a colorful caterpillar chrysalis to a stunning butterfly, breaking out of her shell both literally and figuratively with her sick look. 

Though Blair and Mayhem’s luxury suite reigned supreme in the maxi challenge, Jujubee is declared the top all-star of the night. Despite her three-season history on “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” this is Jujubee’s first challenge win, and it is certainly well deserved. As she rejoices in the praise, Ru pulls everyone back to reality to name the bottom queens of the night. 

Shea has consistently proven that she is destined to win this season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” but the judges shockingly don’t vibe with her looks this week, claiming her butterfly piece is merely “crafty.” She is put in the bottom, along with Mariah and India, whose looks and performances were underwhelming compared to the other queens. 

Shea being in the bottom wholeheartedly displays the chaos of this season’s “Ru-macrocy.” Going from the top queen to the bottom queen in one week is frustrating and a major fluke for Shea, but it gives her competitors a major advantage. In the Werk Room, the queens weigh their options, collectively admitting that voting for Shea would be the most strategic move due to her threatening stance in the competition. 

 Jujubee emotionally deliberates and picks her lipstick for the night as she makes her way to the main stage to lip sync for her legacy. The legendary “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” season four winner, Monét X Change, is revealed to be this week’s lip sync assassin, coming out in an iconic number.

Performing to Lizzo’s “Juice,” Monét makes magic on the mainstage, easily dominating over Jujubee’s performance. Ru declares Monét the winner of the challenge, meaning she must reveal who the group has decided to send home. 

In the most anxiety-ridden moment of season five, Monét reveals that the eliminated queen is … thankfully not Shea! Instead, everyone says goodbye to Mariah Paris Balenciaga. While we’re thankful that Shea can live another day and hopefully win this season, it’s upsetting to see an iconic all-star leave the stage. With one last look at the camera, Mariah sashays away, sassily reminding us: “In a room full of 10s, I’m always going to be grand prize.” 

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