Easy ways to change up your room

Illustration of a girl hanging a plant in her room
Layla Chamberlin/Staff

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Since quarantine started, I have been spending an embarrassing amount of time in my room. Because of that, I keep getting bored and feeling unmotivated by my surroundings. My goal this month was to turn my surroundings into the sanctuary that I have always wanted. I gave into some trends that have been popular around my area and online. 

In honor of the home decor trend, here are some easy and affordable ways to add a little extra to your room and mix up your space.

Plants, plants and more plants

You can take a trip to your local nursery and pick up some low-maintenance indoor plants. I grabbed some succulents from Home Depot and propped them on my window sill. The greenery really added more life to my space! While all the flora was tempting and gorgeous, make sure you pick the right plants based on how green your thumb is. As you can see, I needed something that requires minimal attention and skill level. 

DIY wall art

My little sister found a cool way to make DIY butterfly wall decor. First, she printed out butterfly outlines, colored them to her liking, laminated them and placed them on my wall, so it looked like a family of butterflies decided to land in my room. I have also been painting a lot during quarantine, so what better than to add these pieces on my wall as my own mini art gallery? Although I’m no Monet, it’s fun to envision what wall decor you want and bring it to life yourself.

Tapestry wall

One of the fastest ways to change up your room is a giant tapestry. It easily takes up an entire wall and gives your area a whole new vibe, and it can be the piece that brings your room together! I ordered mine off Amazon because I am a sucker for quick shipping. But, you can definitely opt for your local fabric stores. They are sure to have some hidden gems that can make beautiful wall decor and offer good prices too!

LED light party

This trend has been going on for a while now, but I finally gave in to the craze. I got 16-foot strip lights and taped them all around my closet. Your room will look 100% cooler at night with a purple or orange hue or a light show. As a warning, these are not for those with sensitive eyes! But for everyone else, these are game-changers, especially with the right playlist in the background.

Don’t be shy — rearrange the whole thing!

You heard me right! Just get moving and rearrange all your furniture around. For instance, I decided one day at 3 a.m. to swap my bed with my desk area and immediately felt the change in the space. This is probably the method I do the most often because you don’t need to buy anything or go anywhere! Just a bit of repositioning can give the illusion of a whole new room! But, maybe don’t be like me and wait until the middle of the night to do it, resulting in your entire family having to suffer from the noise. 

Hopefully, you will find some inspiration on how you can add a little change in your everyday space. Whether you’re reading to add your own DIYs or to grab some plants at the nursery, keeping your bedroom a safe and calming place for you will go a long way!

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