Fun ways to get in shape for those missing the gym

Lisi Ludwig/Staff

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When will it be safe to go to the gym? How are students moving their bodies at home? It can be hard getting a workout in without being on campus, since campus is a great place to be active. If you had back-to-back classes, you could get more than 10,000 steps in before dinner. Taking physical education and dance classes guarantees a few hours of exercise every week. Until in-person activities return, it’s time to be a little creative about ways to be — and stay — more active. 

Exercising is all about moving your body, and if you feel comfortable in your space, try it out. Take a circuit challenge or a high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, workout. You can find videos on HIIT exercises by searching “circuit” or “HIIT” on Instagram, Pinterest or Google. There are also a number of apps, such as Shred, that share specific workout routines. 

If you’re not into circuit training, invest in a jump rope, a basketball or a pair of running shoes and exercise at a nearby park. Ask your housemates and family members to tag along. Challenge each other in races and see who can shoot the most hoops. Staying active should be fun!

The outdoor activities don’t have to end at the park. Buy, rent or borrow a bike for an impromptu bike ride. Find a big hill to fly down or bike along the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island for gorgeous views of the Bay. If biking is inaccessible to you, try hiking or taking walks in your neighborhood. Outdoor activities are moments for movement. 

Once you get back inside, the movement doesn’t have to stop. Squeeze in exercise by taking the stairs, stretching for two minutes every hour or dancing to your favorite songs. We at the Clog are wishing you all happy exercising and hope these tips help!

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