UC Berkeley School of Law to be conducted entirely online in fall 2020

Daniel Kim/Staff

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UC Berkeley School of Law announced that it will hold all classes online for the fall semester in a letter from Dean Erwin Chemerinsky on Friday.

The decision was made by the dean and the school’s Contingency Planning Committee, according to the letter, partially in light of campus’s policy that no more than 25 students can be in a classroom at once. Because of this, even small first-year classes in the law school would be unable to meet in person. Other factors such as reduced bathroom capacity and the necessity of increased classroom cleaning also contributed to the decision, the letter adds.

For the fall, the school will use its traditional grading system. Professors will be able to require attendance and participation from students if they provide an option for students who are unable to attend “live” instruction. Classes will also be recorded unless the associate dean approves an exception, according to the letter.

Berkeley Law is planning a town hall, tentatively dated for next week, to answer questions from incoming law students.

Check back for updates. 

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