Ripping off Berkeley goggles: Why ‘Love Is Blind – Berkeley’ is everything we need right now

Lisi Ludwig/Staff

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It seems like ages ago when classes moved online, shelter-in-place orders began and we all binged the reality show “Love Is Blind” on Netflix. This show aims to test whether or not love is truly blind by having contestants get to know each other from different rooms, separated only by a thin wall that they can speak through. Only once they have agreed to marry each other can they meet face to face. 

Since the craze over this show has died down, some clever Golden Bears have followed the lead of other college students throughout the country and created an equally entertaining version: “Love Is Blind – Berkeley.” Conducted entirely via Instagram, the show took 12 students, placed them in a group chat with aliases and let events run their course. At the end of each day, the students filmed updates, which were then compiled and posted to the account as “episodes.” By the end of the week, they were able to chat over the phone with their top three choices and then FaceTime their No. 1 choice — if both parties felt the same way, of course. 

No, there were no marriage proposals involved here. We need to focus on graduating first! We at the Clog obviously were enraptured with it and even started to forget that these students are not, in fact, reality television stars. It made for the perfect distraction as we near our fourth month in quarantine, and here’s why.

It’s some much-needed entertainment

I don’t know how you’re feeling, but we at the Clog have reached some uncharted territory of boredom, in which even bingeing shows on Netflix is no longer exciting. That’s why watching our fellow Bears try to form connections in this largely virtual world was precisely the kind of entertainment we needed in our lives. Not to mention that with a new episode premiering every single night, it was never a long wait to figure out what happened next.

It reminds us of how fun it is to meet new people

A lot of everyday activities have moved to a virtual format, meaning that the odds of meeting new people are much lower than they usually are. Watching the show made us miss that random conversation you strike up with the person who sits next to you in the library or gets in line behind you at Caffe Strada. At the same time, it reminded us how it is possible to have similar interactions in the virtual world. 

It gives us something to talk about with our friends

Phone calls with our friends these days tend to include some pretty basic topics: our latest hike or walk, plans for the fall semester and the state of the world, to name a few. Then, “Love Is Blind – Berkeley” came along to spice things up. With such a large following, it makes for some pretty hot tea! 

It takes your mind off what’s going on in the world for bits of time

Our world is a crazy and chaotic place right now, and it’s more important than ever to be tuned in to the news and aware of your actions. That being said, we could all use a break every once in a while, and watching “Love Is Blind – Berkeley” provides us with the perfect opportunity to take this break.

It’s a good reminder that we shouldn’t judge books by their covers

“Love Is Blind – Berkeley” has created a space where it doesn’t matter whether or not contestants have their “Berkeley goggles” on. But really, on a more serious note, both this version and the original version serve as an important reminder to all of us not to judge a book by its cover. This lesson probably needs some reinforcement for everyone.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, we’re not sure why you’re still reading this. Go and watch it already! Lucky for us — dare we say it — superfans, the second season is coming our way shortly! Applications are open until July 3 at noon. You could be the next to find out if love is truly blind!

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