Why playing video games is perfect for summer 2020

Video Game Console
Celine Bellegarda/Staff

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Summer and video games are an odd mix. There’s the stereotype that many kids just want to stay inside during the summer and play video games all day. Meanwhile, parents demand that their kids get up from the couch and do something outside.

This summer, things might be a bit different. Even with things slowly reopening, you’ll probably spend most, if not all, of your time indoors and away from people. Here are some reasons why playing video games is a great way to spend this summer indoors.

Avoid the heat

With summer months comes hot weather. Playing video games is an excellent excuse to stay indoors and hopefully avoid the heat. You get to stay inside, and most games don’t require you to be physically active and work up a sweat. It’s a perfect way to enjoy some air conditioning.

Fills up the time

You may have found yourself running out of things to do to pass the time. There are no new shows on Netflix that you want to watch, and chances are, you’d rather not do anything that resembles work. Video games can be something new to help fill the days. Not only could you find something new that you love, but many single-player games also have hours upon hours of content for you to play through. There are also multiplayer games, for which you can spend multiple days trying to hone your skills and work toward a specific reward. Regardless of the type of video game, it can be a massive time sink if you want it to be.

Distracts from the past semester

Last semester was a stressful and sometimes chaotic experience. With classes and tests moving online on short notice, it probably took some time to get used to and figure out how to handle it. It’s perfectly reasonable if you were a bit stressed out by the virtual switch and what’ll happen with the upcoming semester. An immersive video game is a great way to distract yourself. Video games have players get lost in their worlds and forget all about our reality for a period of time. This is because you can actually interact and physically explore the world of the game. That makes video games a great way to escape the world and all the stress that accompanies it for a moment.

Play with friends

Social distancing can make it hard to spend time with friends. If you’re missing that social environment, try to convince your friends to play a multiplayer game. Compared to just holding a video call, playing a game together can help you feel more like you’re doing something with your friends. You can also make memories as you make silly mistakes or remarkable plays. You and your friends can have fun and spend time together through a video game, so if you’re missing that companionship, why not give it a try?

So go out and find a game you want to play. There are plenty that’ll probably run on your computer. You might even find a game you want and will love that’s part of a sale, making it cost less than your average lunch. You won’t know until you go looking and try it out.

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