Summer horoscopes: Quarantine edition

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Summer of COVID-19 is upon us, and even if you’ve adjusted, you may still feel a little scared of all the uncertainty. Never fear! We at the Clog have put together some insights about the coming month for you! Hey, if you can’t trust yourself to make all of your important decisions this month, at least trust the stars. They’ve got your back. 


Intuitive and compassionate Cancer, this summer is your time to shine. You’re feeling the weight of the world right now, but while you take everything in, make sure to make time for yourself too! I mean, heck, it’s your birthday! Splurge on the birthday present you’ve had your eyes on or go have a fun solo beach day. But don’t forget to call that friend whose birthday is two weeks after yours! You remembered, right?


OK drama queen, put down the scepter. You’re so self-assured that you forget to listen to other people. Make up for that little fight you started by doing something nice, such as picking up a yummy snack for your roommate or at least making them a meal that doesn’t involve mac and cheese for once. And while you’re at it, do something nice for yourself! A little self-love won’t hurt you!


Throw practicality out the window, Virgo. The world is topsy-turvy, and maybe it’s time for you to go upside down right with it. Throw caution to the wind, and plan a little beach adventure instead of staying inside with your laptop studying. OK, not the most practical advice, but at least you can work on your tan (which I’m sure will win you points somewhere, if not on your quiz).


Bored this summer? You might be feeling down until July 12, when Mercury finally moves out of retrograde. This month, plan on making exciting changes in your life, but first, take a minute to determine whether what you need is physical or intellectual change. For instance, do you need to get up off the couch and go for a walk, or do you need to stop filling your mind with real estate drama from “Selling Sunset” on Netflix? Or both?


You have been working hard these past few weeks! Your passion is inspiring, but you may be finding yourself hitting a wall. Pushing yourself comes naturally to you, but it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and tackle that project you’ve been trying to forget about. You know the one. No, not that, the other thing! Don’t start until the 12th though — before then, you have too great a chance of ending up stuck again.


You’re naturally curious and adventurous, but during this period of inactivity, you’ve got to try to lie low and stay chill. Your lack of activity may be prompting your endless snacking, so make sure to focus on whether you actually need sustenance or are just bored. Or, at least put down those hot Cheetos and pick up a carrot stick — your stomach lining depends on it.


The month of July has a lot of importance for your relationship, and July 20 marks a new moon — you know what that means, Cap! Time to get out there! Check in with that kind of-crush, kind of-friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Now that the stars are on your side, there’s no way you could embarrass yourself! Maybe a socially distanced stargazing date is in your future?


You have been thriving during this period of social distancing. (You needed a break after the hectic start to the year.) Online shopping has been your friend, and the couch finally has a dent that’s the exact size of your body on it! Enjoy having time to yourself, but don’t forget to keep in touch with your friends and family, Aquarius! Not everyone is taking this period as well as you, and your deep spirit can be a great help to a troubled friend.


Feeling a little down lately? Unsure of yourself? Cut yourself some slack and practice a little self-love! A marathon of all your favorite movies with buckets of popcorn sounds perfect. Avoid having that conversation with your crush until after the 12th — it’s not going to go well before then. But once you’ve spent half the month loving yourself, you’ll be ready for someone to love you right back! Someone who isn’t your dog, that is. Fluffy already loves you.


You’ve been having a little trouble focusing on your work lately, so lean into your competitive nature, Aries! That kid in your section that keeps asking thoughtful questions during class? Take them down. You must become the question master and earn your rightful place on the throne! Also, stop spending all of your time watching old “Game of Thrones” episodes.


Surrender control and let the stars lead you this month, Taurus. Your friends depend on you as a voice of reason and calm, but you may find yourself getting frustrated and saying things you don’t really mean partway through the month. This is a good opportunity for you to let go of some angry energy, but maybe tone down the competition during those family game nights.


Gemini, close all the tabs on your laptop before trying to start your work! I mean, seriously, I know there’s a lot going on right now and that retail therapy is pretty enticing, but do you really need another $40 water bottle? OK, at least you’re staying hydrated during the hot summer months. Lean into your curiosity and inquisitive nature to find a refreshing, new way to spend your time that won’t break your wallet.

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