Shantay to slay: Weeks 4, 5 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ bring major twists, iconic challenges

Drag Race

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Week 4: “SheMz” 

The maxi challenge this week involves, surprise surprise, more improv! Except this time, the queens must face saucy scandals on the reality show “SheMz.”

Just as the queens are improvising scandals, it is revealed during the lipstick count that Alexis Mateo tried to give Shea Couleé the chop last week. Ru, of course, pairs them up for this challenge and the tension is real. But this drama flawlessly adds to their scene inspired by “The Real Housewives,” bringing flipped tables and pillow fights to their underlying tea. 

Mayhem Miller and India Ferrah’s shoplifting scandal is easily the weakest of the bunch. Mayhem tries to prove herself after a long history of failed improv, but nothing can save her scene once India starts licking broken glass off of the asphalt. 

Miz Cracker, Jujubee and Blair St. Clair dominate the maxi challenge with their spicy college admissions scandal scene. Complete with runny mascara, sexual tension and major roasts, their scene showcases Miz’s talent, leading their team to victory. 

The “Camo Couture” runway saves this week’s episode after a relatively boring maxi challenge. Alexis showcases elegant winter themed camo, Miz brings a jaw-dropping Ariana Grande-inspired camo look and Blair brings stunning earthy vibes to the runway. 

Miz’s flawless look, coupled with her performance in the maxi challenge, rightfully grants her the top spot of the night. Despite being in the bottom for the past two weeks, India is yet again one of the bottom queens along with her teammate in this week’s maxi challenge — Mayhem. 

Miz comes out ready to slay this week’s lip-sync against an iconic all star — Morgan McMichaels. This lip-sync is easily one of the season’s best, with Morgan fiercely serving in her gorgeous cape and Miz death dropping and cartwheeling for her legacy on the main stage. 

Ru declares that Miz and Morgan have tied in the lip-sync, bringing even more twists to this season’s “Ru-macrocy.” This means that if Miz and Morgan’s lipsticks match, only that queen will go home. But, if they each show a different queen, both queens will head home. 

Luckily, only one queen leaves the mainstage tonight — Mayhem. Though Mayhem has grown tremendously this season, she leaves the main stage with her head held high, proving she is always “the queen of the party.” 

Week 5: Snatch made in heaven 

After weeks of waiting, it is finally here … it’s the Snatch Game of Love! This iconic staple in “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has the queens impersonating iconic celebrities and bringing major flavor to the competition. 

Miz, Alexis and India are the first group of “snatchlorettes” attempting to win over celebrity judge Tommy Dorfman. Miz sweetly transforms into Lady Gaga circa her “A Star is Born” era, India mildly attempts to impersonate the problematic Jeffree Star and Alexis shines with her perfectly-timed one-liners as she mimics astrologer Walter Mercado. Alexis easily stands out the most in the group, making her the obvious match for Dorfman. 

The other group consists of Blair, Jujubee and Shea, all pining over Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman. Blair may have mastered Ellen DeGeneres’ borderline cringeworthy dance moves, but this doesn’t match Jujubee’s Eartha Kitt or Shea’s Flavor Flav impressions. Jujubee’s impression is iconic in every way, showing off her stance as one of the biggest threats in the competition. Shea somehow brings even more talent to her Flav impression, and delivers, as Dorfman puts it, “One of the best Snatch Game performances in history,” making her the obvious pick for Bowyer-Chapman. 

The runway this week brings us back to a time when school dances weren’t canceled because of a pandemic: The category is “Prom Queen Fantasy”! The looks this week are all to die for. Most notably, Miz gives us wholesome middle school acne flashbacks, Jujubee serves delicate ’80s realness and Shea emotionally reclaims Sasha Velour’s season 9 finale moment with major rose petal glam. 

Shea is obviously the top queen of the night, but as we wait to hear Ru reveal the bottom queens of the night we are, yet again, hit with another twist. There are no more safe queens in the competition! Instead, if the queens do not get the top spot of the night, they are automatically placed in the bottom and are up for elimination. 

Back in the Werk Room, this causes major controversy. India has been at the bottom four weeks in a row, so she desperately tells Shea that Alexis was previously campaigning to send her home. Shea, attempting to figure out the truth, struggles to figure out which queen should get the chop. 

On the main stage, Shea must lip-sync against the gorgeous Vanessa Vanjie Mateo … Alexis’ drag daughter (awkward!). Shea proves this is her season to win, kicking and splitting her way to victory in the lip-sync. 

Shea ru-veals that her pick to get the chop is India, and after four weeks at the bottom, we can’t say we’re surprised! India leaves the stage proclaiming she didn’t lie about the Alexis drama, sashaying away and leaving us with our final five for “All Stars 5.”

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