Appreciating grandparents: Ways to show how much you love them

flowers in pots
John Bonham/Creative Commons

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It has become quite difficult for people to see their grandparents besides phone calls and family Zoom meetings with social distancing. The Daily Clog wanted to develop more ways for you to connect with your grandparents while staying at home. Here are some ways you can show your grandparents how much you love them!

After all, grandparents always deserve extra love.


Now is the time to get creative. Make a scrapbook with each page dedicated to one family member. For example, my grandparents have four children, each with two of their own, making eight grandchildren total! So, I made a page for each child and grandchild, where I included silly memories, funny pictures and goofy stories written along the sides of the page. After this, all you have to do is send it to them in the mail. They will absolutely love taking a trip down memory lane. 

However, if you’d prefer to make an online scrapbook, drop all your favorite pictures in a folder on your desktop and open up a free Shutterfly account. Shutterfly will then make a scrapbook in seconds, and all you have to do is add the text!


Write them a letter. It sounds silly, but it’s always so nice and comforting to receive a letter in the mail. Plus, it’s exciting to open it up if it’s a surprise! If you have younger siblings, have them draw or color on the back of the card. Handwritten letters are always so fun to save over the months, and soon enough, they’ll have a collection.

Frame a family picture

If you are looking for something simple to give to your grandparents, send them a framed family picture in the mail. This is a nice way to remind them how much you love them. After you send the framed photo, give them a call and brainstorm together a fun place to hang it up in their home.

Poster drive-by

If your grandparents live close by, make some silly posters and stand outside their window. Even if for only five minutes, they will love that you thought of them. Leave the posters outside with a few homemade meals to give your grandparents a couple of nights off from having to cook.

Decorate a flower pot and plant a seed

This is always a nice gift to give! They can call you to keep you updated about how the plant is growing, and they get to keep the customized pot! What are you waiting for! Grab your mask and run down to Michaels to buy some paint and a pot.

Box of chocolates

Grandparents always spoil everyone with cookies and delicious meals. Now, it’s up to you to return the favor. Send them a box of chocolates or a gift basket with all their favorite sweets. Add a few new treats as well, so they can be surprised! 

Of course, next time you see them, you will shower them with hugs and kisses. … But in the meantime, there are so many other ways to send them joy and happiness. Whatever you decide to do, your grandparents will love you for it.

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