The Clog’s guide to creating your ultimate picnic experience

picnic basket and spread
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Picnicking has been my go-to activity lately. I would even go as far as to consider myself a connoisseur. It’s nice because you get to see your friends while remaining socially distanced. And if you’re like me, it’s one of the few times a week you get outside to enjoy the fresh air and vitamin D.

I’ve decided to start taking it up a notch when I picnic. I put together a little guide on must-haves for the ultimate picnic experience. Just be sure to stay cognizant of the social distancing guidelines in your area to picnic safely.

Invest in a good picnic blanket!

While any regular blanket in your house would do, I’ve been picnicking so frequently that I felt the need to have a separate, picnic-specific blanket that is travel-friendly. The one I bought is a quilt that folds up into a bag, so you can easily carry it on your shoulder and have a comfy, padded blanket for when you set up at your spot. Cliche picnic gingham never hurt anybody either!

Fun and convenient items

I jokingly bought a picnic basket to look cute one time, but it only made me realize how convenient it is! You can just throw everything in a flat-bottomed, open-top basket instead of having things roll around or pop open inside one of your old tote bags. I love it! I also ordered a traveling cheese plate and set off the internet. So now I can make charcuterie boards at any picnic location I go to! Another great item to level up your picnic experience is bringing a travel cooler. All of your drinks and snacks stay cold while you are camped outside under the summer sun.

Fun picnic snacks

Here are some of my essentials when I prepare my picnic run:

  1. Salami
  2. Prosciutto
  3. Aged Gouda
  4. Sea salt crackers
  5. Grapes
  6. Watermelon
  7. Strawberries
  8. Jalapeno chips
  9. Gummy bears
  10. Ice cream

Bring the music

This tip has been the biggest game changer! I don’t think I can ever picnic again without it. You can find cheap speakers on Amazon or at Target! My best friend’s is a keychain that latches onto her bag, so it doesn’t require any hassle or extra strength to bring it out. Playing music and just enjoying time with your friends is one of the simple pleasures in life!

I hope some of these tips help you boss up your next picnic experience. Just remember to have fun, wear your sunscreen and follow safety guidelines before heading to a picnic location.

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