Why video games are a good way to experience outside

Gaming Setup for Minecraft.
Sam Albillo/Senior Staff

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Summer is a great season for adventure in the great outdoors. On the other hand, this summer isn’t a good time for spending time outdoors in public spaces. Many places are closed this summer, and even if a place is open, it’s not a good idea to do nonessential traveling. If you miss going out to the beach or backpacking with friends, you may find that video games can help scratch that itch. Here are some ways video games can simulate an adventure in the great outdoors.

Travel through sweeping vistas

If you miss traveling through gorgeous landscapes, here are some video games for you! From Minecraft to Red Dead Redemption 2, there are plenty of games that can have you travel the wilderness and see the sights. Even though experiencing a digital world is different from the real one, it can still take your breath away and feel like the real deal.

Have an adventure

A sign of an enjoyable trip is if you bring back some fun stories. It may not have been a relaxing vacation, but you can embark on an adventure that you can tell your friends about for years to come. However, this summer, it’s challenging to go on an adventure, at least in the real world. A video game might just give you the adventure and fun stories that you want. From exploring and finding a secret, rare weapon to everything going wrong when you and your friends tried to work together, there are plenty of stories and adventures to be found in video games.

Explore and discover something new

One of the best parts of tourism is finding a little hidden gem of a place. That feeling of discovery can be a highlight of a vacation. It’s also a feeling embedded in many video games. Some games, such as Doom Eternal, have secrets for you to discover through exploration. There are others where the entire point is to discover the solution to a puzzle, such as Helltaker. Find the kind of gameplay you want, explore and see if you can discover something rare.

Hang out with friends

Sometimes the best part of the outdoors is spending time and making memories with friends. With everyone social distancing, this might not be the same even when places are opened up. Video games can be a method around social distancing and a friendly way of hanging out. You all can play together and make memories, or at least have fun and get a good laugh.

Playing video games may seem like the opposite of going outside. Hopefully, this article has shown that video games might be the way to get the experience of going into the outside world from the safety of your own home. So, go out in those virtual worlds and see what video games can offer!

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