Shantay to slay: Week 6 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ is dramatic summer family barbecue we all needed

Drag Race

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Summer 2020 might lack the excitement of putting together the perfect outfit and debating which dish to bring to your drama-filled family barbecue, but that’s what this week’s episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” is for! 

This week’s maxi challenge has the five remaining queens serving homemade outdoorsy looks for the Charles Family Backyard Ball. Their first look must blend their country side with their own comedic persona. Their second look tests their sewing skills, as they are tasked to create an outfit made only of things they might find in their backyard. 

After a quick shopping trip, it’s obvious which queens have confidence in their ability to whip up an outfit from scratch. Shea Couleé makes this challenge seem effortless, easily turning gingham and badminton birdies into a gorgeous fashion statement.

Jujubee and Miz Cracker struggle with their looks and go to Shea, who has a degree in costume design, for advice and assistance with a sewing machine. Shea, of course, is wholeheartedly supportive and offers to help them craft their looks for the main stage. 

Right when we thought the India Ferrah and Alexis Mateo drama was over … surprise, it’s back! Despite India’s elimination last week, her presence is still alive in the Werk Room in the form of letters to the queens. The notes are vague, but they nevertheless plant the seed that India’s accusation of Alexis campaigning against Shea might’ve been true, making everyone doubt their relationships with Alexis in the competition. 

As this tension rises, Ru checks in with Jujubee’s and Shea’s progress on their looks. In the most emotional moment of the season, Shea and Jujubee open up about their respective families to Ru, noting specific hardships that have gotten them to where they are now. If, for some reason, you didn’t appreciate Jujubee or Shea before, watching this incredibly vulnerable moment unfold will surely make you hope that they’ll be the top two all-stars this season. 

When the queens hit the main stage with their first looks for the Charles Family Backyard Ball, it’s clear that they’re all here to win. Each persona is over the top and vibrant, with Miz and Blair St. Clair both giving removed-cousin realness and Jujubee serving big beach hat glam as Ru’s bestie. 

The real spice this week comes from the queens’ “Backyard Ball Eleganza” looks. Each look perfectly captures outdoor summer vibes, complete with picnic blankets and inflatable swimming pools. Miz’s red whiffle ball dress is absolutely everything, Jujubee gives us a refreshing watermelon look worthy of a Harry Styles music video and Alexis excites the judges with a red mermaid dress covered in Solo Cups and a plastic swimming pool. Blair’s pastel high-glam look is a bit of a letdown next to the other queens’, especially next to Shea’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous gingham and mosquito net-veiled bridal look, which blows the competition away.

Though Shea served some of the best looks this week and selflessly helped the other queens with their sewing, she is surprisingly not the top queen of the night. Instead, the top spot goes to Miz, and the rest of the queens are put in the bottom. 

The lip sync assassin this week is the gorgeous Roxxxy Andrews! Miz may have brought some high-energy tricks, but Roxxxy came ready to win with three looks that stun the judges, making her the clear winner of the lip sync. 

Roxxxy brings out her lipstick, revealing that the group has eliminated Alexis from the competition. Though Alexis has given us fantastic looks and grown so much this season, India’s accusation against her certainly helped solidify the group’s vote. 

Alexis’ departure is incredibly disappointing, but this leaves us with our final four queens in the competition! With only two episodes left this season, we are closer than ever to crowning the queen of “All Stars 5.” 

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