Great Plates Delivered program to continue bringing meals to older residents

Photo of elderly couple eating food
Wikimedia/Creative Commons
For older residents, Alameda County offers home-delivered meals through the Great Plates Delivered program.

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Great Plates Delivered, an emergency food assistance program for adults older than the age of 65, has been extended through Aug. 9.

The federal- and state-funded program, which delivers three restaurant meals a day to participants, may also be open to individuals older than 60 with underlying health conditions, according to a city of Berkeley press release. The program is designed to serve people not able to use other nutrition programs such as Meals on Wheels or CalFresh, the release states.

Alameda County residents can apply online to the Alameda County Great Plates Delivered program.

Other resources for adults seeking free or home-delivered meals include Meals on Wheels, grab-and-go lunches from the South Berkeley Senior Center and assistance from the Berkeley Mutual Aid Network.

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