UC Berkeley announces reduction measures as COVID-19 impacts budget

Joshua Jordan/File
Due to the pandemic's negative financial effects, the UC Berkeley administration is considering different adjustments to the campus budget.

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UC Berkeley administration issued an update on campus’s budget Wednesday, which includes measures that may be implemented to meet financial challenges.

Previously, the campus attempted to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 through a hiring freeze and through a freeze on both merit and cost-of-living increases for staff and faculty, according to the update. Despite these, the campus remains left with a “significant” shortfall in the budget.

To mitigate this shortfall, a combination of temporary work reassignments, retirement incentive programs, temporary layoffs with maintained benefits and voluntary salary reductions may be implemented. Other mitigation efforts could include a Voluntary Separation Program for staff, or a temporary work assignment.

Several meetings, including a campus conversation July 31, will answer questions and invite input on the plans for fall semester. Additionally, budget instructions will be given to managers and supervisors, deans, department chairs and vice chancellors by the end of July.

Check back for more updates. 

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