An open letter to those going back to work amid COVID-19

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

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Some unemployment checks are coming to an end. People are tired of staying home all the time, and businesses are taking the initiative of opening back up. Meanwhile, old jobs or paused internships are calling with the chance to go back to work in the outside world. 

It’s been months of working at our desks or in our beds and self-isolating to the best of our abilities. As a result, it might feel weird once things start picking back up again. Our bodies might not be used to us being on our feet for more than eight hours a day like before. Or we might not feel mentally prepared to have a mask on for a whole shift while interacting with people. I wanted to share some thoughts for anyone feeling a little weary about going back.

Going back healthily

Health is the top priority right now. But make sure that you are also prioritizing your own! I used to work myself for hours on end without proper rest. But as a lot of us know, exhaustion can take a toll on your immune system. So now more than ever, it’s important to be pacing yourself. Most likely, you’ve been quarantining for months, so being back on your feet won’t be easy from the jump. The hustle and bustle might get to you, but try to counteract it by getting good sleep, eating healthy snacks, taking breaks and drinking lots of water!

Mental health matters too

The pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of our mental states. Amid the transition back, try not to forget to care for your mental health as well. Of course, your physical health is important! But you never want to minimize the significance of your mental health. While you remain socially distanced from others and wash your hands regularly, find a balance of taking care of yourself. Try and journal every day you’re out or talk to someone about how the transition back is making you feel. Our bodies might start to move faster, but we can slow our minds down.

A thank-you

You are appreciated for going back to work! We are still in the pandemic. It’s very much alive and kicking. But shoutout to you and everyone else who is going back or has been back at work. We’re trying to get back to normal and make money for rent. Working people make the world go round, and we are doing that despite any fears or concerns. 

Above all, I am grateful for all the essential workers and anyone else who has been working through COVID-19. They have been on the front lines of the pandemic. Hopefully, more and more of us can return to our jobs or accept those internships again as time goes on. If you’re going back to work, good luck and please stay safe!

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