Virtual date ideas for your continued social distancing

Illustration of two people on a virtual date, eating food together while on their laptops in different places
Layla Chamberlin/Staff

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Social distancing can feel isolating. You’re stuck at home with your family, wishing you could spend time with your friends or significant other. Video calls can be a decent substitute, but they can get repetitive. Here are some ideas for what you can do for a virtual date (with a significant other or just with your friends).

Make the same meal

Having dinner together is a classic date activity. With social distancing and in-person dining closed, it can be hard to share a meal. A great way to get around this (and learn something new) is to cook the same meal over a video call. That way, you and your friends (or significant other) can cook and enjoy the same meal together. You’ll get to hang out and share in some (hopefully) good food. What’s not to like?

Watch a movie together

An excellent excuse to hang out with your friends (or go out on a date) is watching a movie. This is still the case during social distancing. Whether it’s clicking the play button at the exact same second or finding a way to share screens, there are ways to watch a movie with others. It might take a bit more work than in person, but you can still enjoy and talk over it with your friends or date.

Play a game together

Multiplayer video games are perfect for social distancing. It’s a way you can do something with others without having to be anywhere near them. Whether it’s a party game that’ll make you either hate your friends or bust a gut laughing, or a competitive game where you play for a nail-biting win, y’all can have plenty of fun and make some memories. There are also digital versions of classic board games if you really miss being pissed at your friends in Monopoly.

Plan what to do once social distancing is over

If none of the above options appeal to you, you can always make future plans for when this pandemic is over. It might not make social distancing go any faster, but at least when everything is safe to reopen, you and your friends (or your significant other) will hit the ground running. Just remember not to come up with any hard dates, as it would suck if social distancing lasts longer than you thought it would, ruining your plans.

So get on that video chat and spend some quality time with people who aren’t your family. Hopefully, with these virtual date ideas, you have some fun, and this summer feels a little less isolating.

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