5 more Cal athletes test positive for coronavirus, bringing total count to 8

Matt Gibson/File

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As COVID-19 cases spike across the country, Cal is bearing witness to a similar rise in infection within its student-athlete population. Since returning to campus last month to begin workouts, eight out of 125 athletes have tested positive for the disease. 

Three cases were reported in June when 96 athletes were checked, and five more surfaced in July as 250 total tests were administered. Some athletes were tested several times, and Sports Illustrated reported that most of the afflicted athletes are football players. 

UC Berkeley mandated that athletes comply not only with campus guidelines regarding the outbreak, but also with sports-specific safety precautions catered to Cal’s athletic programs. 

The state of California reported 9,199 new COVID-19 cases as of Sunday evening, bringing the state’s total to 389,000.

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