Shantay to slay: Week 7 of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars’ brings lots of humor before season finale

Drag Race

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Only one week before the season five grand finale, this week of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” is an emotional roller coaster, bringing humor and even more tears to the competition as we get closer to the end of the season. 

Our four remaining queens — Jujubee, Shea Couleé, Miz Cracker and Blair St. Clair — are tasked with performing stand-up comedy routines! In this week’s maxi challenge, each queen must perform in a “Stand-Up Smackdown,” putting together routines packed with jokes and roasts aided by judges Ross Mathews and Jane Krakowski.

Miz’s spot as the top all-star last week allows her to choose the order of performances in the challenge. Right off the bat, Miz decides Jujubee will be the show’s opening number due to her strength as a performer. 

Jujubee attempts to use this to her advantage, setting the tone for the rest of the routines. After a rough start in rehearsal, she is rightfully nervous and initially feels the pressure on the main stage, bringing some awkward laughs to her set. However, as the show progresses, she manages to recover and delivers a performance full of roasts that highlights her comedic talent. 

Miz puts Blair in the next spot, attempting to throw her off by forcing her to go after Jujubee. Despite performing incredibly well in rehearsal, Blair struggles in this challenge, relying heavily on her written material and leaving room for awkward silence. It certainly doesn’t help that most of the queens didn’t have time to get off book, increasing the awkwardness as Blair struggles to flip through the pages in her notebook to get to the next joke in her set. 

This works to Miz’s advantage, as she goes on after Blair and serves one of the strongest performances of the night. Miz is easily the most comfortable with stand-up comedy, so this challenge comes naturally to her. She is in her element onstage, taking control of the audience and making the judges laugh with her strong material, contagious energy and impeccable comedic timing. 

Finishing off the show is Shea, who initially lacked confidence in this challenge but ultimately manages to excel on the main stage. Coming out in an absolutely gorgeous red gown, Shea nails this performance, delivering perfect jokes and even making light of Sasha Velour’s season nine moment. 

The “Freak Out” runway brings some of the most intriguing and avant-garde looks of the season. Blair brings a gorgeously eccentric Cheshire Cat-inspired look to the runway, and Shea takes us back to the ’90s with a stunningly vibrant ensemble. Jujubee stuns the judges with an intricate checkered-pattern look complete with a long chained boa, and Miz brings a post-apocalyptic look that transforms into an elegant, sleek jeweled bodysuit. 

After a close week full of gorgeous looks, it is revealed that Miz is the top all-star for the second week in a row! With three challenge wins under her belt, she has won the most challenges out of all the queens this season, giving her the confidence to claim her spot as one of the final three. 

After each queen chooses their lipstick, it is time to reveal the lip sync assassin — Kennedy Davenport! The lip sync this week is relatively anticlimactic due to the song choice (“Fancy” by Reba McEntire), but Miz ultimately comes out on top, winning a $20,000 tip and the ability to vote out one of the bottom queens. 

Though Blair has consistently brought incredible looks and performances this season, Miz reveals Blair’s lipstick, and she is eliminated from the competition. Blair’s departure is incredibly emotional, as the other queens embrace her and dry her tears. But with that, we have our final three for “All Stars 5” — Jujubee, Shea and Miz. Next week … it’s time for the grand finale!

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