Unconventional ingredients to elevate your smoothie game

Beatrice Aronson/Staff

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Being in the thick of summer means we’re also in the thick of smoothie season! Smoothies are the perfect snack or meal at any time — a refreshing start to your day or a pick-me-up in the midafternoon. They’re a great vehicle for extra summer fruits, in case you’re anything like us and your eyes become bigger than your stomach at the grocery store. Smoothies are such versatile drinks that we at the Clog have started to experiment with our ingredients. Some have been total flops, while others have really elevated our smoothie game! Read more about these below.

Fresh mint

If you happen to grow mint in your garden, it has probably already reached its peak season for the year. However, if you can salvage a few leaves, throwing them into a light and fruity smoothie creates the most refreshing drink we’ve ever tasted! Our favorite combo so far is banana, spinach, dates, mint and almond milk.

Peanut butter

It’s no secret that we at the Clog are obsessed with peanut butter. Therefore, it goes without saying that it should be a part of our smoothies — after all, peanut butter with fruit is nearly the same thing as the classic combo of peanut butter and jelly. Adding a spoonful of peanut butter creates a creamy blend that will keep you fuller longer.

Exclusively frozen fruit

Maybe you do this already, but now’s the time to try it out if you don’t. Using exclusively frozen fruit in your smoothies allows for a thicker, colder blend, making them more like something you’d buy from a store. Once you start, you’ll never be able to turn back!


We’ve seen it in lattes, we’ve seen it in ice cream, we’ve seen it in cookies and cakes and bread. So why not in smoothies? Throwing a teaspoon of matcha into an already-green smoothie kicks up the flavor to the next level and adds a caffeine boost. What more could you ask for?


This one may seem the most unconventional yet, but hear us out. Throwing in a dash of cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric or even cayenne pepper adds flavor without adding calories or sugar. There’s no better way to spice things up!

And there you have it! With all of these ideas, you have no excuse to get bored with your smoothies. Don’t be scared to try things out — the worst-case scenario is that you don’t like it! Happy blending!

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