Passion projects you can start at home

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Sometimes we feel like we’re stuck in a rut. A great way to get out of that is by starting something new that allows you to unleash some creative expression! If you’ve been feeling bored or come to a block in your creative thought process, try a passion project! Passion projects are a way to get us thinking and working outside of the box. They can be used to inspire us, or they can be used to get us falling in love with something new. 

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube has been known for being a creative platform for many. A lot of popular YouTube influencers today say that they started because they were bored and simply wanted to try something new! You can find something you’re interested in and dedicate a space for devoting yourself to it. This can be vlogging your everyday routine, talking about skin care, sharing your fitness tips or anything else that you’re into! Try grabbing a camera and seeing what naturally comes to you.

Publish your very own blog

I think we all wanted to be Julie Powell from “Julie & Julia” at some point, right? Or was that just me? Blogging has been a blessing for those of us that find words easier through writing than interaction. Like starting a YouTube channel, blogging can be a great way to get your ideas out. Having a blog as your passion project will get you back to brainstorming ideas. Find a niche that you like to write about and get started.

Sell your DIYs online

DIYs are a great way to get your hand moving and thoughts flowing! You can make DIYs anywhere out of anything now — from friendship bracelets made out of yarn, to even earrings out of household items! There is an abundance of platforms that encourage people to start selling their inventive creations. If you have the talent for it, you’re lucky, and I can already tell you I’m jealous of you!

Repurpose old clothing and revamp your closet

One of my favorites — repurposing clothes is a great passion project! Whenever I’m feeling stuck in my wardrobe and lacking imagination in my work, I like to spend time vamping up some of my old closet gear. This is a fun way to add change to multiple parts of your life. I love to bleach shirts or cut up some old jeans that I haven’t worn in forever and make a new pair of shorts. You can even dye your shoelaces and, boom, you have new shoes! Get creative with it, and soon you’ll see the creativity spill to other aspects of your life.

Starting a passion project is super inexpensive, and you have nothing to lose. All you have to do is find something that excites you and take some time to pour your effort and creativity into it. You’ll soon see the benefits start to show. So, find what you love and go start your new passion project!

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