Quiz: What’s your go-to summer drink?

Celine Bellegarda/Staff

Everyone has their go-to summer drink! Whether it’s fruity and refreshing, classic or out of the box, your go-to drink is what other people know you’re ordering. With the summer heat upon us, you can always expect to have a drink in your hand. Find out what your signature summer drink is with this fun quiz.

  1. What summer activity can you not get enough of?
    1. Swimming all day, every day! You should see my tan.
    2. Picnic dates are all that I do now.
    3. Working out in the summer is the best! Nothing like running in the blazing heat.
    4. I’m always baking!
  2. What appetizer are you ordering when the waiter comes? 
    1. An order of old-fashioned onion rings, please and thank you!
    2. Ooh … do they have a charcuterie board?
    3. A small house salad is the perfect first dish!
    4. Mozzarella sticks for everyone.
  3. What books have you been reading lately?
    1. Those classic American novels! I can’t get enough of them.
    2. I love cuddling up with a good romance.
    3. Self-help is my latest go-to.
    4. True crime all the way! Did you hear about the new one that just came out?
  4. Ice cream? What’s your order?
    1. Vanilla sundae with a cherry on top!
    2. Coffee ice cream is my weakness.
    3. Any fruity flavor! Strawberry, orange sherbet, raspberry …
    4. I’ll take the richest chocolate you got.
  5. What summer footwear are you rocking?
    1. Flip-flops! Can’t go wrong there.
    2. My favorite sandals.
    3. Birkenstocks, always!
    4. Platforms …
  6. Summer accessories? What are you putting on?
    1. Bandanas are so cute right now!
    2. Dainty gold jewelry, of course.
    3. My Fitbit, always. Gotta count those steps.
    4. Sunglasses are always needed.
    1. You got lemonade! You are a classic one! Your go-to summer drink is the epitome of traditional summer fun. Enjoy your summer drinking lemonade by the pool, but don’t forget the sunscreen.
    2. Your go-to is iced tea! Sweet and fun like you, iced tea is a classic summer staple. You’re always sipping your iced tea while on your stroll and enjoying summer.
    3. A smoothie! Make it to-go, please. Your health habits and “on the move” tendencies make a smoothie the perfect summer drink for you. Take a minute sometimes to smell the roses and drink your fruity treat.
    4. Virgin bloody marys are your favorite. Although it’s summer and hot out, you can’t stay away from the warmth of a virgin bloody mary. People may give you weird looks, but you make no apologies for rocking your go-to drink!

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