The Clog’s guide to having a fun movie binge session

Binge Watching
Lisi Ludwig/Staff

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Movies aren’t what most people think of when it comes to binge-watching. Rather, people usually cue up a few seasons of a television show for a binge session. This thought process might mean you’ve missed out on the joy of a long movie binge session. 

Watching multiple hours of a film franchise has a different feel compared to a season of television. It can be both more rewarding and easier to burn out. To make sure you have the best binge possible, here are some tips for having an enjoyable movie binge session.

Pick a franchise that you can finish in a day

Some movie sagas are too long to fit into a reasonable day. Trying to finish one of these in a day can make you feel burnt out and ruin any pleasure you get from binge-watching. You could always split the series over multiple days, but after spending a whole day watching movies, you’re not going to be too excited to get back to watching the next day. Either only watch some movies in the series or choose a shorter franchise. It’ll make it easier to get through the binge.

Choose films you like

You might be tempted to binge-watch a movie saga you’ve always wanted to try to get into, or worse, one you think you should give a second chance (because you didn’t like it the first time). Having to watch movies you don’t like is an easy way to hate the binge session. The minutes will start to drag, and you’ll wish you were doing anything else. The best way to avoid this is to watch movies you know you’ll like. That way, there’s a better chance you’ll enjoy the watching experience.

Remember to eat

Remembering to eat is good advice for any binge-watch, not just for a movie binge. Being hungry can ruin your mood and make it hard to focus on what you’re watching. Luckily, chances are, you can eat while you watch. That might add a bit of variety to your binge-watching, which should keep you from burning out.

Don’t take it too seriously

Binge-watching is supposed to be fun. It isn’t some contest with hard rules governing what you can and cannot do. If you’re not having fun with it, stop and find something else you can do that’s enjoyable. Watch a different movie series or a television show if you think that would work. There’s no point in torturing yourself by watching movies you don’t like when you’d prefer to do anything else. Do what will make your movie binge watch fun for you. That’s the best way to enjoy it.

A movie franchise is a lot like a television season. The difference is that it has episodes that last two or more hours. So why not binge some movies like you would a show? These tips should help keep it fun and stop those movies from burning you out.

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