‘Celebrate this year the quarantine way’: The Clog’s ode to August babies

Illustration of a lion against a starry background, next to the zodiac sign for Leo
Layla Chamberlin/File

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August is finally here! It’s time to celebrate all of us born in this glorious month! Unfortunately, a lot of us won’t get to celebrate with our loved ones or celebrate like we were planning to. We’re improving with new ways to enjoy another year of life. With that, I wanted to dedicate this ode to all the ones born in the month of August, the best month of the year! 


Oh, August babies

We have made it this far, another trip around the sun!

Another year gone, but life still has just begun

We are Leos and Virgos and some even a cusp

But we all have in common that we are all tough.


Oh, August babies

It’s time to open up presents and blow out the candles

It’s your birth month, so eat all the sweets you can’t handle

When you’re turning a new age, you can do no wrong

You can even take this cheesy ode and turn it into a song


Oh, August babies

Get your Instagram posts ready

Throw the streamers and pop the confetti

We celebrate this year the quarantine way

We wish for health and unemployment pay


Oh, August babies

With a summer tan and sun-kissed skin

We’re spending our special days outside with our birthday twins

Our charisma and passion and bright-eyed nature

We welcome August and life’s next adventure


Happy birthday to all the August babies! May this next year bring you health and happiness. 

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