Soulmaz Panahi runs for Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Soulmaz Panahi
Soulmaz Panahi/Courtesy
Real estate agent Soulmaz Panahi is running for the Berkeley rent board to give back to the community and provide balance to equally benefit tenants and landlords.

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Soulmaz Panahi, a real estate agent at Red Oak Realty, is running for a position on the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board.

Panahi immigrated to Berkeley from Iran many years ago. Prior to working in real estate, she worked as a sales, marketing and project manager for multinational electronics company AsusTek Computer Inc. If elected, she hopes to bring “unconditional balance” to the rent board.

Panahi loves the beauty of the East Bay’s natural and manufactured environments and the “diversity and sophistication” of its residents.

“Immigrating from a foreign land to Berkeley many years ago, I was greeted with ample love and acceptance,” Panahi said in an email. “I vowed to myself when the moment came that I could give back to the community that has given me everything, I would; and that is what I am doing here today.”

Panahi wants to bring balance so both tenants and property owners can benefit from the rent board’s decisions.

As of press time, Panahi is still finalizing the details of her campaign. She is currently at the very beginning of the process and has been busy getting signatures for her nomination. She is working to submit all the nomination documents to the city of Berkeley by Aug. 8.

“We need to get some signature from Berkeley residence and some endorsement for now,” Panahi said in an email. “We are in contact with BPOA (Berkeley Property Owners Association) to find out what kind of support we can get for our campaign!”

If elected, Panahi wants to brand Berkeley as “the most desirable city to live in the country.” She hopes to address balance, fairness and equality, as well as make rational decisions, to do so.

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