Simple yet effective pranks to pull on your housemates

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Katie Lee/Staff

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Bored during this long quarantine summer? Need a way to make living with your family or being stuck with only your housemates a little more fun? This is the perfect time for you to start a house prank war, and we at the Clog have the best pranks to get you started. Though these are just some simple ideas, definitely keep in mind the receiver of the prank and if they’ll think your joke is funny. Also, consider your reaction to the same prank — if you would be mad about it, don’t do it! Check out these options for easy pranks, harmless pranks, moderately harmful pranks and difficult ones.

Gluing things: Super easy, moderately destructive, may take time to pay off

This classic and simple prank can be easily adapted to pretty much anyone. All you need is some hot glue or super glue and a close friend who won’t hate you for gluing their belongings together. The important thing to keep in mind is to choose items that glue won’t actually harm, such as things in disposable packages. For instance, if you have a pantry or your housemate has a box of snacks, glue a few of the items together. If you’re going for long-term laughs, you could glue something that they don’t use very often, such as rolls of toilet paper in a cupboard or bottles of seldomly used lotions in the bathroom.

Creepy poster prank: Easy, requires creativity, harmless

All you need for this prank is a printer and some tape. Print out a few copies of whatever creepy or funny image you want (maybe even a favorite image of the person you’re pranking). While they’re out of the house, tape, pin or glue the pictures you printed out around the house. Maybe on the ceiling right above the person’s bed, or in a kitchen cabinet, or right inside the door to the bathroom. The possibilities are endless, and the more photos you print out, the better the prank. Varying sizes can also be great — a full sheet of paper taped to a bedroom window, or a tiny piece of paper glued to the ketchup bottle in the fridge. 

Watered-down sauces: A little wasteful, short prep time, gets a great reaction

If you want to witness the exact moment someone has been pranked, this is the prank for you. You might know someone who has a condiment obsession, such as your friend who goes through a bottle of Sriracha a week or your little brother who puts ketchup on every item of food he eats. In secret, take this condiment or sauce bottle and empty it out into a separate container. Store this container somewhere hidden, making sure that it won’t spoil. Then, take the original bottle and fill it with water or any other nonpoisonous liquid that can mimic the look of the original sauce. Feel free to use food coloring and something to thicken the liquid, such as corn starch, to make the sauce a little more saucelike. Set the table for dinner, place the condiment bottle near your victim and wait for a great reaction when they either squirt your water sauce on their plate or realize that their favorite condiment has been replaced.

Room-flipping: Fairly labor-intensive, only for someone with a good temper, relatively harmless

This prank isn’t exactly for the faint of heart, but you’ll get a great reaction out of it. Wait for your housemate or sibling to leave for a couple of hours, and then go into their room and turn everything you can upside down! We’re talking about making their bed inside out or upside down, turning over their desk chair and turning mugs, candles, books and any desk ornaments upside down. Make sure you’re not flipping anything that could be spilled or broken, but have a good time with it. When they come back to their flipped room, deny that anything seems different. This prank is the perfect way to get the effect of putting sticky notes or wrapping paper all over someone’s room, with way less effort.

There you have it, four relatively easy but fun pranks to play on the people you’re living with. Pranks will always be more fun if you adapt them to the person you’re playing the joke on, so make sure that starting a prank war won’t prompt a family feud or roommate disagreement. When done right, these mostly harmless pranks are the perfect way to spice up being stuck with the same people for months. 

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