It’s Leo season: Follow the ways of the lion and roar

Illustration of zodiac signs against a black background
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Blessings be, blessings be! It is finally Leo season, and in such a tumultuous moment, we must let ourselves shine individually and collectively. Leo’s ruling planet is the sun and its element is fire, so there is no time like the present to lean into the warm and intense tendencies that often come with the season. Take this time to engage in creative projects that you may have been putting off or tasks that have felt burdensome, as the flame of passion that is associated with Leo will help you! Leo season heats things up for us in all the right ways — you may want to consider rekindling some connections with others that you have been neglecting.

Furthermore, Leo belongs to an astrological sign symbolizing the lion, so now is a brilliant time to allow yourself to roar — the zodiac is in your favor to channel your inner lioness no matter what astrological sign you are bound with. Perhaps I have a bit of a bias because I am a Leo who resonates strongly with the lion. Regardless, the lion is an animal that can offer a lot of wisdom for all of us human beings! In honor of the fiery and sunny Leo season, we at the Clog decided to share some of the wisdom that the lion can offer us during this season. 

Lions are full of energy but can also be seen as lazy. They spend much time staying and relaxing with their given pride (their pack of lions) and only hunt a couple of hours a day. They soak in the sun, socialize and act in courage, strength and bravery. Lions indulge in the simple pleasures that life has to offer, as highlighted above, but when it is time to hunt, they waste no time in moving with passion and vigor. They know what they want and they will get it. 

Additionally, these animals are as loyal as one can be to the ones they care about (i.e. their pride) but are known to prioritize doing what is best for themselves, which sometimes means that a given lion will lead by pride and ego. This is particularly true for males in search of a mate. The lion has a way of being sure of itself, holding a certain confidence that other animals may be able to sense. The lion seems to know that things will be OK. 

So, with the given information detailing some of the characteristics lions possess, how can that be translated into a lesson for us? Well, for one, perhaps we spend too much of our time in a constant movement without taking the proper time to relax, play with the ones we care about and give ourselves some individual loving.

When we take things slow for the most part, like the lion seems to do, we can act with more vigor and valor when we are tasked with something that may be challenging (e.g. a lion hunting for food or a college student critically challenging and changing the ideologies of certain institutions). It may be advantageous for us to take the time to charge up, indulging in simple but fulfilling pleasures, so that we can act with strength and passion when the moment arrives. 

Lastly, when we truly care about something or someone, we see the promise that it may pay to stick around. Make sure your engagements are generative to your own growth so that the relationships you find yourself in do not become too tolling. We must find confidence in the choices that we make in this lifetime, whether that be in the relationships we’re in with others or the goals that we have for ourselves and our communities. At the end of the day, we know that with everything we do, there will be a lesson to learn and an opportunity to blossom. There is solace in knowing that and confidence to be born out of that. 

Although this may not have been your average horoscope, hopefully, it can serve you in some way … even if you’re an astrological skeptic. The lion has a lot of quiet wisdom to give to us. Let us take this season to be mindful of the animal’s lessons.

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