The Clog’s guide to making a DIY care package for someone you love

Care Package
Beck Gusler/Creative Commons

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Love is an action. We show people we love them through small and large acts of kindness, encouragement or care. Social distancing and stay-at-home orders make traditional acts of love seem difficult, but not impossible

An active loving practice looks different for everyone. You may want to start small with encouraging texts or surprise food deliveries. Then, save some money and a few hours to put together a DIY care package to mail to someone you love. 

Start with something personal

Find pictures of you and your loved one to print. Include them inside an envelope or frame them for an instant smile when they open the package. For artsy folks, put together a scrapbook with pictures, stickers and other decorations. 

Add some essentials 

Think about something this person always needs. Chapstick, hand sanitizer and lotion are some examples. Try including things that will be useful to them, that they would buy anyway. Sometimes, especially right now, it’s nice to have your essentials delivered to your door. 

Throw in their interests or passions

Consider buying merchandise from their favorite TV show or fandom. You can be creative without purchasing merchandise by drawing their favorite character or ironing prints onto clothing items. Or, buy them a book or journal they don’t already have. 

Feed them their favorite treats 

Single-serving snacks of Hot Cheetos, Oreos or Hershey’s Kisses are a good idea to add. If they’re not into guilty pleasures, try fruit snacks, granola bars or trail mix. Whatever you include, be sure that it will survive the time it takes to mail the package to them!

Make the package look nice

Cardboard boxes aren’t pretty, so add some color with tissue or wrapping paper on the inside. Monochromatic themes are a popular idea for care packages, or if you’re the creative type, coordinate some of their favorite colors. Thinking about the appearance of the box is a great idea to show your loved one that you care.

When you’ve gathered all the materials you need, organize the package in a flat-rate box from the post office. Before you mail the box, slip in a note or card expressing your love. Think about times you’ve shared together, and let them know how much you appreciate them. Tell them you love them in your letter, and show them that love with the package you send.

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