The Clog’s guide to the perfect road trip

Preston Whelchel/Courtesy

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Just because the start of the school year is going to be more different than anything we’ve ever experienced before, we can still do our best to enjoy these last couple weeks of summer! Nothing screams summer more than a good ol’ road trip, and this form of travel is perfect for this summer in particular because if done correctly, you’ll be in contact with fewer people and less shared places. Given these considerations, we at the Clog decided to compile a few of our favorite tips to make your road trip as smooth as possible!

Plan, plan and plan

While we do admit that spontaneous road trips can be much more fun than the ones you plan weeks or months in advance, some thought should be put into even the most spur of the moment expeditions. It’s always a good idea to at least have a sense of what direction you’re going and which major roads you’ll be taking in case something happens with your navigation.

Bring snacks

Depending on where you travel, you could end up stuck on some long stretches of highway with no food in sight. Little is more unpleasant than a car full of hangry people, which is where your snack bag comes in! Taking a trip to your grocery store in preparation for your trip will ensure everyone stays full and content the entire time.

Have something ready to listen to

When you’re spending hours on end in a car, conversation can only take you so far. Try a podcast to stimulate further conversation or a playlist to get you in that sunny summer mood. There’s nothing like belting out the words to your favorite songs on the open road!

Don’t be afraid to make some stops

As eager as you might be to reach your destination, the random stops you make along the way are what will make your trip truly memorable. Visiting local businesses will give you a truer sense of the area you’re traveling in and could point you in some directions you didn’t know about before. Not to mention that getting out of the car to stretch your legs is essential to ensuring everyone’s comfort the entire way!

While there’s no single recipe for the perfect road trip — which is part of what makes road trips so exciting — we hope these tips give you the framework for an amazing experience! So, go out there and make the most of your last days of freedom!

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