UC Berkeley suspends cancel for nonpayment policy for fall 2020

Photo of Sproul Hall on UC Berkeley campus
Sunny Shen/Senior Staff
After many students campaigned for an end to the cancel for nonpayment policy due to its negative impacts amid the pandemic, UC Berkeley suspended the policy for the upcoming semester.

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UC Berkeley’s Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs announced in a campuswide email Thursday that the campus’s cancel for nonpayment, or CNP, policy would be suspended for the upcoming fall semester in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CNP policy typically requires campus students to pay 20% of their tuition and fees by the Friday before the semester’s classes begin. The policy drew criticism from many students concerned about its effects during the pandemic.

The Aug. 21 tuition and fee deadline, as well as late enroll, drop and add fees, still apply to all students, including those receiving financial aid or protected from the CNP policy. The suspension of the policy has not yet been approved for later semesters, according to the email.

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