Personalize your perfect summer look: DIY tie-dye bandanas

Marissa Boling/Staff

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I have been unhealthily obsessed with bandanas recently. Every time I go to a store that has them, I end up grabbing some more and putting them in my cart. This gave me the idea to take my bandanas to a new level. After staring at my new collection, I wanted to make some that are personalized to me. I’m going to let you know how I bossed up my bandana collection.

Buy white bandanas

White bandanas are perfect for this. White provides a clean canvas for you to mix and match different colors onto. You can get either the plain ones or the traditional bandanas with the paisley design. I preferred using the 100% cotton ones with the paisley design because they held onto the color the best and they’re so cute. As I get better at it and maybe even reach pro status, I might venture out to try some other colors. 

Buy your choice of dye or tie-dye kit

I had no idea tie-dye kits were such a hot commodity right now, and it actually took me a while to find one. After the third trip to my local craft store, I found a pack that included hot pink, lime green and royal blue. I was excited to see colors that are perfect for the last few weeks of summer. Plus, the great thing about tie-dye is you can mix and match to make your own shades.

Pick your patterns and go

Once again, not being a pro at tie-dyeing means I usually go for the basics. I did a spiral design. But I know that there are so many more options out there, from knotting your bandana to crinkling it to even freestyling. Go with whatever look you want, and don’t be afraid to take a risk and have fun with it. Wash, dry and wear!

After you’ve dyed your bandana, you want to follow your dye’s instructions on washing and drying. I try to go with what it recommends to get the most vibrant outcome. And after the bandana dries, you get to wear it. From tying a knot and wearing it as a headband to keeping it traditional and wrapping it around your head, bandanas are the perfect summer look. Paired with tie-dye, they’re even cuter.

I had so much fun making these and can’t wait to make some more with different colors and designs. I think I need to make a blue and gold one for my Cal Bears. Now, we have our own personalized versions of the best summer accessory.

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