UC Berkeley resident assistants to provide remote, in-person support in fall 2020

Residence Hall
Nicole White/File
Campus residential hall staff will continue to provide remote and in-person support to students living on campus for the upcoming fall semester.

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Amid UC Berkeley’s fall plans to adapt to COVID-19 guidelines, campus resident assistants will continue to provide services remotely and in person.

During fall, residence halls will also continue staffing theme program RAs, senior RAs and professional residential life staff. All residential hall staff will need to complete a new training to be equipped for complying with health guidelines. When possible, support will be provided remotely, instead of in person, to students living on campus.

“Our staff at Residential Life remain committed to offering programs, services, and opportunities to help build community between residents and student residential hall staff this fall,” said campus spokesperson Adam Ratliff in an email.

Theme programs and leadership opportunities, such as serving in the Residence Hall Assembly, will continue to be offered for on-campus residents.

When support cannot be offered remotely, staff will continue to respond on-site in certain instances, including lockouts and emergency situations.

As of press time, campus cannot confirm the exact number of staff per floor in residence halls.

The Residential Life team is working on developing engaging activities to build community through online events. During the spring semester, the team tried this out and delivered more than 150 programs online.

“We will provide community connections through online Community Chats, bulletin boards, emails, and group text chats,” Ratliff said in the email. “We will still host lots of community-centered programs such as treasure hunts, parades, patio decorating contests, courtyard singalongs, art projects, etc.”

The community chats will begin at the beginning of the semester, so students can develop a group connection and adapt to community norms and safety information, according to Ratliff.

RAs will also conduct video conversations with all residents.

Per RA training to adapt to COVID-19 guidelines, all student staff will receive new training on how to consult with professional staff to report any incidents that arise. University Village in Albany has professional staff and community assistants who can provide overnight and after-hours support.

If an RA or any student living on campus has symptoms of COVID-19, they will be admitted to campus isolation spaces at Foothill and La Loma residential halls while waiting for test results. Those isolated will have support from a specially trained group of professionals and other students for the transition into and out of their residence hall.

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