Quiz: Which Zoom virtual background matches your personality?

Sunny Shen/File

What’s up, Zoomers? It’s almost time for fall classes to begin, and you know what that means — time to get crackin’ on those virtual backgrounds! Choosing the right virtual background can help express your personality, just like clothes used to do back in the days when people wore pants to class. Take this quiz to find out which background matches your personality!

  1. What do you want your background to communicate to the class and professor?
    1. I’m a chill, relaxed person with good vibes.
    2. My school spirit!
    3. I just want to make people laugh.
    4. I literally don’t care what anyone thinks of me at this point.
  2. Right now, I wish I could be …
    1. Playing Frisbee on the Glade.
    2. At a football game. Go Bears!
    3. Playing Cards Against Humanity with my friends.
    4. Asleep.
  3. If there’s a positive side to online classes, it’s … 
    1. Having infinite snack access during class!
    2. Professors being more accommodating because of the pandemic.
    3. The moments when people accidentally unmute themselves!
    4. Not having to walk up hills to get to class.
  4. I would love to take an online DeCal on …
    1. How to properly mix cocktails.
    2. An in-depth history of the rivalry between UC Berkeley and Stanford!
    3. The mating patterns of Kiwibots.
    4. Watching and analyzing popular Netflix shows.
  5. In five years, I see myself …
    1. Backpacking around Europe.
    2. Giving a TED Talk about my wildly successful startup.
    3. Not having to wear a mask (fingers crossed)!
    4. In five years? I can barely think about tomorrow.
  6. Oski asked you out on a socially distanced date! What do you say?
    1. WTF, no. Get away from me, you creep.
    2. Are you kidding? I’d totally do it just for the cred.
    3. Are we talking about a person in a suit or an actual bear? How old is Oski? What are Oski’s pronouns?
    4. I abstain from this question.
    1. A tropical beach — You’re a chill, positive person who’s always fun to be around. On a summer day in any other year, we’d probably find you vibing at the beach. But just because you’re stuck in lecture doesn’t mean you can’t capture the spirit of the beach through your virtual background. A background of white sand and palm trees puts you in a peaceful frame of mind and is a subtle way to express dominance over everyone else in the Zoom meeting. We’ll catch you in Tahiti when this is all over.
    2. A picture of Oski — Let’s face it, you really miss UC Berkeley. No matter how much you used to complain about school, you wish you could go back to the way things used to be. Recently, you’ve started to hear Carol Christ’s voice in your head. You have recurring dreams that you’re trapped in Dwinelle, but you wake up feeling warm and fuzzy instead of scared. Making a picture of Oski your virtual background lets you keep a piece of the campus with you no matter where you are. People will think you’re trying to be funny, but in reality, you’re just simping hard over the No. 1 public university in the world.
    3. “Bee Movie” — Yeah, you’re that person. The kind of person who plays the entirety of “Bee Movie” as your virtual background. Chances are you’ve been called a class clown. Professors might find you distracting, but the truth is, you make the virtual learning experience slightly more tolerable for everyone. Keep fighting the good fight and making people laugh. We need soldiers like you.
    4. LOL, what background? I’m in my bed and I don’t care if everyone knows it — There’s a good chance you haven’t left your bed since the pandemic began. You’re not about to put in any extra effort that’s not required of you, and that’s totally fair. You’re always true to yourself and don’t feel the need to pretend to be something you’re not. Congratulations, you have transcended this quiz.

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