Feeling heated: Why spicy food is perfect for the hot season

Photo of spicy peppers
Anish1321/Creative Commons
Photo by Anish1321 under CC BY-SA 4.0

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Turning up the heat this summer seems like a bad idea. It’s hot enough already without adding some hot food. However, the instinct to avoid spice may not be the way to go. Hot food can really spice up your summer! Here are some of the benefits of indulging in spicy food while it’s still summer.

It gets you to hydrate

Spicy food’s the perfect summertime companion because it makes you want to drink water. The easiest way to have a bad time on a summer day is to get dehydrated, which can be fixed by eating spicy food. No need to try and remind yourself or else run the risk of accidentally not having enough water. Eating something incredibly spicy will be all the reminder you need to chug down some water.

You may sweat from the spiciness

Sweat is the natural way a human body tries to cool off. Being sweaty with a cool breeze on your skin can make a hot day pleasant and cool. One way you could start to sweat that doesn’t involve any exercise is with some spicy food. Let it make you feel like your mouth is on fire, and there’s a chance your body will sweat to try to cool you off. It may not stop the burning in your mouth, but it will make the day feel a lot cooler.

People may give you ice cream out of sympathy

It’s a well-known fact that if you want to get rid of the heat from some spicy food, then you need to consume dairy products. Since this is well known, if you are visibly suffering after devouring something spicy, there’s a chance that someone around you will take pity on you and get you some ice cream or even a milkshake. Not only will the ice cream cool you off from the summer’s day, but it will alleviate the spiciness. Besides, why not use spicy food as an excuse to have some ice cream (or a milkshake)?

You’ll spice things up

You may have found this summer to be a bit monotonous. With social distancing and staying in one place for most of the break, your summer has probably consisted of doing the same activities in the same set of rooms. That most likely extends as far as to what you’ve been eating! Spicy food will be just the thing to get you out of your rut: a flavor and food experience you haven’t had much of, if any, during the summer. So eat something hot and add a little spice to your summer cuisine.

You might be one of those people who avoid spicy food, even when the weather is cool. But hopefully, this article has convinced you to give it a try. Summer break is the perfect excuse to open up your palate and try something new, or at least work up a good sweat eating something scorchingly spicy.

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