Getting spicy: Best hot snacks to enjoy amid a heat wave

Photo of spicy beef jerky
Fatima Bukar/Creative Commons
Photo by Fatima Bukar under CC BY-SA 4.0

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“Heat wave” is starting to seem like an understatement to describe the weather right now! Although it’s “stuck to the leather seat” type of heat outside, I could never get enough of savory, hot and spicy snacks. Therefore, I power ranked some popular spicy snacks. If you’re a heat lover too, you’ll find that these treats are top tier. Be ready for your mouth to water or eyes to tear up. 

Hot Cheetos

A cult classic. Hot Cheetos pretty much own the spicy snack aisle. From the traditional puffs to extra hot, there’s a wide variety for everyone to enjoy. People also get creative by adding hot sauce, lime or cream cheese on top of these tasty Cheetos. Out of all the spicy snacks that I love, I have to rank these up top. They are so addicting! You can bring them to any party and people will instantly gravitate toward them.

Rating: 10/10

Spicy ramen noodle packets

These are famous for the “spicy noodle challenge,” and some people actually enjoy eating these noodles simply for the taste. Although they’re sure to get your tear ducts activated, these ramen noodle packets are bursting with flavor. Usually found at specialty markets or online, they’re super easy to make at home on a stovetop. You can customize your add-ins … even daring to kick the spice up more. It’s a fun party game as well as a midnight snack that brings the heat!

Rating: 9.5/10

Wasabi peanuts 

Wasabi is Japanese horseradish. Coat some peanuts with that, and you have a crunchy and spicy snack by the handful. When I think heat, I don’t often think of the color green. But these bright green wasabi peanuts give just as much punch! These are no joke spicy. Too many too quickly can definitely bring a burning sensation to your face.

Rating: 8/10

Hot and spicy jerky

Whether picked up from a gas station or a fancy jerky brand, meat or vegan, hot jerky is a great blend of flavors! Although it’s not the first thing I gravitate toward, I can appreciate the craft of seasoning jerky and its role in the hot snacks department. It’s sure to satisfy both your savory requirements as well as your heat needs.

Rating: 7.5/10

The world is warming up outside, using up the rest of this summer heat. Grab some of your favorite hot and spicy snacks to celebrate … but be careful around the eyes!

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