In the summer daze? Ways to keep your summer spirit all semester long

Photo of Natural Bridges State Beach
Celine Bellegarda/Staff

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Regardless of the mind-boggling heat wave hitting the Bay Area, the summer season is rapidly coming to a close. The time has come to say Sayonara to waking up in the middle of the afternoon and binge-watching the latest Netflix drama. Inevitably the school year is starting along with the hustle and bustle of a semester at UC Berkeley. If you suddenly feel like a cloud of stress is overcoming your very being, you’re in luck! We at the Clog are here to tell you how to keep your sunny summer spirit all semester long. 

Study in the sunshine 

Although it may not be as relaxing as laying out by the poolside getting your tan on, studying in the sun will up your vitamin D levels and keep you warm. There’s just something so comforting about basking under the golden glow. So next time you’re feeling stressed or just tired of hiding out indoors, grab a blanket, enjoy some reading and head under the sun.

Ocean breeze-scented fun 

You may be far away from the nearest beach this semester, keeping those sandy vibes in the distance. However, nothing says vibing under a palm tree like an ocean-scented candle. Hang up a beach landscape photo and light an ocean-scented candle in your room to float into the swarming memories of surfing with friends. You’ll be transported to the relaxed beachy vibes in no time! 

Go on a weekend adventure 

Just because the semester is starting, it doesn’t mean all the spontaneity of a carefree summer has to end! Pack a bag one random weekend this semester and set off far, far away for the weekend. Try your hand at a weekend of camping or hop in a van and drive off into the sunset. Whatever safe mini vacation you have in mind, don’t hesitate to make it happen this semester! 

Skype your friends more than you think you need to

With the beginning of this school year taking place in the digital world, it may seem like a lonelier semester than normal. If you’re sad that the time you spend online talking to your friends is coming to an end, we are here to let you know that doesn’t need to happen! You may not have the same amount of time as the summer season to Skype your friends for hours on end, but it’s important to stay sane and make the extra time to keep in touch with them. Set up a designated night to study over Zoom with your friends to feel the happiness of their company any day this semester.

Watch some summer-themed entertainment

One of the best ways to escape reality and be transported to a different world is through entertainment. Next time you want to escape life for a couple of hours, pop on a summer-themed movie or TV show. Watching folks running down the beach or riding the wave will instantly make you feel like the summer season never ended.

Plus if you really want to get crazy, check out how to make a homemade projector and have an outdoor movie night. Nothing says summer like the outdoors and warm nights, and combining it with a themed movie will make you feel at peace and rejuvenated for your next study session. It’s also a great opportunity to social distance with friends and neighbors.

Whether you’re dreading the upcoming pile of homework coming to your desk, or just don’t want the sunny days to end, incorporate these tips to keep your endless summer spirit all year long. We at the Clog wish you Golden Bears an awesome semester and beachy vibes! 

Summer Kailani is the blog editor. Contact Summer Kailani at [email protected].