Burnt out of shape? 4 ways to deal with painful sunburns

Photo of a sunset
Anton Vakulenko/Creative Commons

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End of summer getting you down? Sounds like the perfect time to spend your last week of freedom entirely outside. But you don’t want to end up with a massive sunburn now, do you? Sounds about right! Don’t stress too hard before the semester even starts! We at the Clog have four methods (with a range of effectiveness) for dealing with sunburns for you to try out. Read on to figure out which method works best for your level of commitment to dealing with your sunburn!

Tried-and-true method

This is the method for you if you’re actively trying to get rid of your burn. As soon as your skin starts getting that tingly, slightly itchy feeling, slather on a thick layer of aloe vera ointment! Although you’ll end up feeling slightly sticky and potentially sad about your pitiful predicament, the aloe vera will soothe and cool your skin. If you end up feeling too slimy to function as a normal human, try using some aloe vera-infused lotion instead. Apply regularly, until your skin goes back to normal. If you use this method, you probably aren’t someone who likes peeling off their sunburnt skin, but regardless, you might get some peelers! All you have to do is wait, let your skin be and try not to itch your already sensitive skin. 

Off-the-beaten-path method

Check out this method if you feel like trying an uncommon way to soothe your skin. Instead of applying ointment all over, fill a bathtub with cool water and add a range of items that will make you feel as cool as a cucumber. You can grind some oatmeal (which has anti-inflammatory properties) in a food processor, add it to a lukewarm bath and soak away. Adding a couple of spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar to your water will have a similar effect, as will adding some tea bags. The bath possibilities are endless! If the smell of plain oatmeal or vinegar bothers you, try adding some essential oils to the water (chamomile is especially cooling). You can take as many fun, funky baths as you want until your skin is just like new!

Lazy method

If you’re in pain but don’t really feel like doing anything about it, use the lazy method. Try chugging a lot of water in order to rehydrate your skin. If you want, try just lying in place for a long amount of time — perhaps have a movie marathon for six hours or take an extra nap. Because this solution doesn’t actually make you feel much better, you may feel the need to complain to your mom or roommate. Go right ahead, but if your mom starts yelling at you about not putting on the zinc oxide sunblock that makes you look like a ghost, don’t blame the Clog. 

The worst method

Dealing with a sunburn can be a lot of work. If you got burned on a Friday and were planning to spend all weekend outside before Zoom forced you indoors, the method you choose may be to do nothing. Although we at the Clog in no way encourage this method, we recognize that it may happen. In this case, we can only commend you for your fearlessness and ask that you please consider at least slapping on some aloe lotion or taking a cool shower while rubbing tea bags on your sunburnt shoulders. Or just putting on some sunblock. 

Did one of these methods inspire you? We hope that you now have a couple of new ideas for dealing with a nasty sunburn, or at the very least, you feel good about doing more than just complaining. Have a great last week of summer!

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