The Clog’s guide to throwing a quarantine game day

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Feeling sad that there are no football games, nor any game days this year? We at the Clog share your sorrow, but we have the perfect solution. You can still have a fun, quarantine game day celebration at home with the people you’re quarantined with. This quarantine period has been stressful, and you deserve to throw yourself a little private party even if you don’t have a real reason. You can still show your Cal pride any time of the year! Follow this guide to have a fun game day with your housemates or family.

Watch sports reruns or a sports movie

Just because there isn’t a live Cal football game doesn’t mean you can’t throw a Cal game day in your own home. This could be the perfect occasion to watch your favorite sports movie or a rerun of a memorable game. It’s as easy as looking up compilation videos of memorable football moments. You can even watch a different sport to get in a game day vibe.

Enjoy game day snacks

Instead of scarfing down an incredibly expensive hot dog in the stadium while burning in the sun, you can make delicious, fun game day-themed snacks. It’s as easy as making cupcakes and decorating them with blue and gold frosting. Or making nachos or throwing some burgers on the grill. If you feel like getting fancy, try this amazing slow cooker chili or some honey garlic chicken wings. When you have all the time in the world to make delicious snacks instead of running off to the game, the possibilities are endless.

Don game day gear and have a photo shoot

If you’re not a huge sports fan but love dressing up in your blue and gold, have a quarantine photo shoot with the people you’re quarantined with. Throw on your best wacky game day outfits and get after it. You could even decorate some masks to say “Go Bears” and take fun photos with them. Create a little photo shoot area by decorating your living room or backyard — to add some school spirit, print out a UC Berkeley banner or buy some blue and gold streamers.

Have a commercial break dance party

If your favorite part of game days is dancing around, having fun and seeing friends, that doesn’t have to end. With your housemates or family, turn on some music and have a little dance party during the commercial breaks of the sports game you’re watching. Or, you could host a Zoom game day party and cocktail hour with friends you don’t live with. It’s always fun to have an excuse to dress up and party a little with faces you don’t get to see very often. If you feel like getting nostalgic, you can make a playlist of songs that were super popular during past game day seasons, or even watch some videos of the Cal Band.

Throw a football around

Now you have the perfect opportunity to get sporty on a game day instead of just watching the sports. Plan a casual football, volleyball or kickball game in the backyard with your family, or just toss a football around if that’s more your speed. It can be weird to go so long without seeing people outside of your quarantine bubble, so making the effort to do a group activity with the people you can be around can be a great way to lift your spirits.

This summer and this quarantine have been pretty exhausting in a lot of ways. If your energy is feeling low, try to replicate the high-energy feel of a game day where you’re running around and cheering for our amazing sports teams. This quarantine game day is a great opportunity to call your friends and have a fun check-in! Get some energy out while running around your yard having fun, eat a delicious meal and then take an incredible nap on the couch in front of your TV (instead of being woken up to rush out of the stadium in a giant crowd of people). Even though in-person game days won’t be happening this semester, hopefully, this list gave you some great inspiration to throw a little game day party for your housemates while quarantining.

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