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Quiz: Which hot summer female artist are you?

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AUGUST 25, 2020

We’ve seen a constant stream of female artists dropping heat this summer — a majority of whom are Black women and women of color. From collaborations to their own new projects, artists have clearly been taking advantage of the hot weather and being stuck inside (or stuck in the studio). Take this quiz to find out which hot summer artist you most closely resemble.


  1. What shoes do you throw on when you’re running out the door?
    1. Whatever is newest — I can never keep up because I’m always getting new ones.
    2. Something with a platform, of course.
    3. I live in my fuzzy slippers!
    4. Sneakers. Always sneakers.
  2. Where are you spending your free weekend?
    1. Anywhere with nightlife! Vegas? Miami?
    2. On the water — somewhere we can go boating.
    3. Taking a trip? No thanks, I’ll take a staycation instead.
    4. I can do all the exploring I need around the Bay Area.
  3. Morning coffee run! What’s your order?
    1. Something super sweet, such as a mocha frappe.
    2. Just some tea for me.
    3. Vanilla latte — the perfect mix of sweet and bitter.
    4. Cold brew … the local kind. 
  4. What is your favorite subject in school?
    1. Political science — I love talking about current events and sharing my opinions.
    2. Business marketing — I’m currently working toward creating my brand.
    3. Literature — I love getting to read classic romance novels.
    4. Philosophy — I have a lot of thoughts and interpretations.
  5. You’re at a party! What are you doing?
    1. I’m busy being the life of the party, of course!
    2. I’m passing out drinks and refreshments to all of my friends and guests.
    3. I’m in the corner talking to a select few people.
    4. I’m definitely on aux. My phone has all the bangers!
  6. What was your latest Instagram post?
    1. A photo of my fresh cut.
    2. A group photo with friends.
    3. A shot of me at the beach.
    4. A picture of my family and me. 
    1. Cardi B — You know what you want and what you care about, but you’re also passionate about sharing those opinions with others. No one can stop you or tell you otherwise!
    2. Megan Thee Stallion — You’re coming into your shell a little more and trademarking your “brand.” You’re the friend who is always down for a good time and always surrounded by people you love.
    3. Tink — You’re the sweet friend everyone sees as innocent. You’re focusing on yourself and things that make you happy right now. But if someone messes with that, they’ll face a different side of you.
    4. Kehlani — You’re a Bay Area local, and you always hold your love for your old stomping grounds close to your heart. You’re the laid-back friend everyone calls when they need advice, but for the most part, you’re just minding your business.


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AUGUST 25, 2020