3 UC Berkeley students test positive for COVID-19 after moving into residence halls

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Josh Kahen/File
Prior to moving into campus residence halls, students were mandated to test for COVID-19. Three UC Berkeley students who tested positive, as well as those with whom they came into close contact, have been quarantined in the Foothill residence hall.

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Three UC Berkeley students are COVID-19 positive after having been tested before moving into campus residence halls from Aug. 20 to Aug. 23, according to a UC Berkeley news article.

Of the 1,887 specimens that were tested, 1,856 tested negative, the update states. Twenty-six specimens are being retested because they were insufficient, and two students whose tests were inconclusive are being treated as positive cases.

Students who tested positive and those they had close contact with are being temporarily housed in the Foothill residence hall to be quarantined until they are cleared by University Health Services, or UHS, the update adds.

Although the results of this first round of testing are encouraging, Guy Nicolette, assistant vice chancellor of UHS, stressed the importance of following the seven- to 10-day self-sequestering protocol and continuing to wear face masks, according to the update.

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