Support the U.S. Postal Service: Creative reasons to send a letter

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Josh Kahen/Staff

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The U.S. Postal Service has been an integral part of the way the United States runs. The Postal Service helps keep us connected by letting us receive care packages while away at summer camp, send birthday cards all over the country and even vote. There are many amazing ways to support the Postal Service and to tell the government that you appreciate and value this institution. Read on to be inspired by some creative reasons to send a letter.

Write a letter or postcard to a faraway friend, family member or stranger

Though this is somewhat obvious, it’s often overlooked. It’s so much fun to get a letter in the mail that isn’t an advertisement or a bill. And if your friend lives far away, this can be a wholesome way to hold on to your conversations. If you can’t think of anyone to write to, try posting on social media and asking if anyone wants to start writing letters. Alternatively, you could try to find a letter-writing service that sends letters to people in hospitals, to older adults or even to soldiers overseas. There are many people who would really enjoy receiving a letter from you.

Write a thank-you card

Remember how your mom used to ask you to write thank-you cards to your relatives who sent you birthday gifts? And how you always complained because it seemed like a waste of time? Spoiler alert: They’re not a waste of time. Though to an extent, thank-you cards have gone out of fashion, it can still be a really kind gesture to send a thank-you card after receiving a gift, be that for your birthday or randomly. Not only is it polite, but it also makes the other person feel good — what other reason do you need?

Send someone you love a care package

Quarantine can take a big emotional toll and can be very isolating. Even if your friend hasn’t explicitly told you that they’re feeling stressed or sad, it’s always a great gesture to send a care package. You can get creative and make it super personal with inside jokes and their favorite snacks, or you can even just buy a standard gift box and send it off. It could mean a lot to someone who is having a rough time.

Mail someone a fun birthday card (instead of just texting them)

You text people on their birthday? Boring! Try writing them a fun letter instead. You could go buy a nice card from the store or get crafty with a homemade one, but the important part is writing your meaningful birthday wishes (and sending the letter on time … I’m sorry, Mom). If you want to get really fun, you could send a gift through the mail as well — who doesn’t like receiving packages? If that seems like more than you’re ready to commit to, consider decorating the envelope in a fun way or slipping some fun photos of memories you and the recipient have into the envelope.

Write to your eccentric aunt who doesn’t own a computer

Do you have any family members, friends or even professors who have shunned technology? Send them a letter. This way, your grandpa won’t think you’re ignoring him just because he doesn’t know how to access his email inbox.

Mail something that isn’t a letter

Maybe you saw that viral story about mailing a potato by simply attaching a shipping label and a large number of stamps. Though we at the Clog have no idea if it’s actually doable, this seems like a great time to try to find out. We definitely recommend that you don’t attempt to mail anything valuable without proper packaging, as there’s a large chance here that your item could get lost.

Write to your representative

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Instead of picking up the phone to call your representative, write them a letter outlining your requests. This is a great way to take out two birds with one stone — you can get politically involved and support the Postal Service. Your formal letter might even garner more attention than a standard email or phone call because of the time it takes to write and send. Why not try it out?

There are a lot of great ways to support the Postal Service and to just have fun sending a letter or package. Whether it’s to keep in touch with your grandma who doesn’t own a cellphone or to express your political beliefs and demands to our government, mailing a letter can be a very worthwhile activity. Happy letter writing!

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