Feeling stressed already? Here’s a reminder that everything will be all right

Illustration of Oski sweating nervously next to a backpack and a pile of textbooks
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Semesters can suck. Assignments are stressful and a day full of lectures can be draining. Sometimes it’s a lot to take. So here’s a friendly reminder that everything is going to be all right! You’ve gotten through previous stressful situations and you’ll get through this, too. If that’s not enough, below you can find some proof that you’ll be able to get through the semester. 

You’ve already gone through online learning

At this point, taking classes online isn’t anything new. Sure, this is the first semester that is entirely online, but that doesn’t change the fact you have taken classes online. This isn’t a new and scary thing. So, you can use whatever you came up with to get through last semester to get through this one.

There’s plenty of semester for everything that’s on the syllabus

Looking at the syllabus right now can be a bit stressful. It’s filled with tons of work you have yet to do. You might be wondering how you’ll be able to get through it all. The important thing to remember if you’re worried about that is all the work on the syllabus is spread across an entire semester — we are talking about three months. It won’t feel like too much if you just use a little bit of time management! So, take the semester one day at a time and you’ll be done with all that work in no time.

You can recover from a bad assignment

Getting a bad grade never feels good. It can make a class immediately stressful as you plan out how not to fail the entire class or have your GPA take a nosedive. If you find yourself in this spiral, take a deep breath and slow your thoughts. Failing one assignment isn’t the end of the world. You might not be able to get an A, but that’s not everything. Work hard and do the best you can do on the rest of the assignments. If you do that, you’ll probably get a grade you can be proud of with low stress.

You got this

No matter what the semester throws at you, we at the Clog believe in you! It may seem tough or impossible but you can do it. Just keep getting up and trying again if you feel like you are falling down. Take this semester one day, one lecture, one step at a time if you have to. A semester at UC Berkeley is never easy, but you’ve gotten through in the past (or at least through very difficult things in the past). You’ll figure it out and get through this semester, too.

Hopefully now you know that everything will be all right. Take a few deep breaths and keep on carrying on. That’s all anyone can ask of you. We at the Clog are rooting for you!

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