Television shows to watch in between online classes

Illustration of a person peacefully sitting on a couch, eating popcorn and watching a television show
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For many of you, there is a new period of your day now that you’ve started online classes. If you have back-to-back classes, you should have 10 minutes of Berkeley Time between the two. This time is a quick reprieve before going back to online lectures — it’s a new period of free time. After all, you don’t have to spend those 10 minutes running to your lecture hall when all your lectures come through your computer. So why not spend it watching an episode (or half of one) of a good television show?

To help you choose what to watch, here are some good shows for those 10 minutes of Berkeley Time.

“Infinity Train”

Most television dramas have episodes that are 40 minutes or longer. This excellent cartoon has episodes that are 11 minutes, counting the credits. That makes it perfect to watch in between classes. It also helps that it has an engaging mystery, likable characters and a train that always brings something new and unique each episode.

“Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san”

If comedy is more your speed, then why not watch this bite-sized comedy about being a clerk in a Japanese bookstore? Much like “Infinity Train,” its episodes are close to 10 minutes long, so you’ll be able to squeeze an entire episode in during Berkeley Time. The titular Honda-san will get you to laugh and possibly even relate as he tells stories about awkward interactions with customers or co-workers. It may be the perfect medicine after a long lecture.

“The Good Place”

Not all shows can be 10 minutes long. Yet there are some that you can get about halfway through and then look forward to finishing after the lecture is over. This weird sitcom called “The Good Place” is exactly that. You may even find yourself relating to main character Eleanor’s boredom as she has to sit through (philosophy) lectures. Of course, she has to learn from these lectures, or else she might get discovered, as she knows that her placement in the heavenlike afterlife called “the Good Place” was a cosmic mistake. Through these lectures and with the help of her friend Chidi, she has to learn and avoid detection or else get tortured for all eternity. Her journey will keep you guessing and might just help you relax between lectures.


Life can sometimes make you want to scream out in anger, possibly to some heavy metal music. At least, that’s the case for the red panda heroine of the workplace comedy “Aggretsuko.” Another show with 20-minute episodes, this one shows the comedic and frustrating side of adult life. So give it a watch and see if you get a cathartic release from the heroine breaking down and screaming some death metal karaoke.

Enjoy your Berkeley Time watching television! You may consider checking out these shows even if you don’t have back-to-back classes. Whether or not you’re watching during your 10 minutes before class, we wish you a happy time viewing.

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