The Clog’s guide to outdoor workout classes in Berkeley

Photo of Orangetheory / Orange theory Fitness
Maddie Fruman/Staff

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With gyms and fitness facilities still closed for indoor use, it can be difficult to complete the workout of your dreams. While there are lots of options for at-home workouts, they’re just not the same as a group or gym setting! So, here are some of the fitness centers in and around Berkeley that are implementing outdoor workout options. 

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory is a popular group workout spot around the world and has a large following at its Downtown Berkeley location. The indoor workouts typically include weights, a rowing machine and treadmill running while a coach cheers you on and hip music blasts in your ear. With the transition to an outdoor setting, the use of both the rowing machines and the treadmills is on a temporary hold, but there is still a guided floor section with a coach encouraging you the whole time. Orangetheory Fitness Berkeley is a part of the larger Orangetheory Fitness East Bay group that offers these workouts at parks throughout the Bay.

Anytime Fitness 

Anytime Fitness is a chain of standard gyms that offer monthly memberships. Since it cannot operate inside, Anytime Fitness started doing outdoor strength classes at two parks in Berkeley. They are led by Mark, one of the well-known fitness coaches from Anytime Fitness Berkeley, and so the class is called “Mark in the Park.” You have to sign up to get a spot, as space is limited. Check out the location’s Instagram for more information!


CycleBar Berkeley is another popular group fitness facility. Its main focus is cycling, but this involves much more than just riding a bike. The cycling is led by an experienced instructor who guides you through different types of spin routines. The music is always pumping and it’s a great workout for any level, as you can go at your own pace. The studio in Downtown Berkeley has moved its bikes to a shaded area outside, so you can still get a great cycle workout in. Check the location’s website for more information on how you can sign up!

Lift & Sprint 

Based in Berkeley and Kensington, Lift & Sprint is another fitness center that has moved operations outdoors. You can sign up for a monthly membership to have access to its outdoor workouts. The workouts themselves are a mix of functional movement and fun high-intensity exercises. You can find more information on the workout schedules for each park on the Lift & Sprint website and Facebook page.

We hope this list helps you pick which outdoor workout is the best for you! No matter what you decide to try, you will feel awesome getting away from your repetitive home workouts or even just being outside and moving your body. Have fun, Bears!

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