4 things to do when you’re stuck inside from the smoke

Vanessa Lim/Staff

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It’s bad for your health to spend prolonged periods of time outside when the air is smoky. Depending on where you are sheltering in place, you might have to deal with smoke and spend your time inside. Here are some ideas to help you pass time when the smoke is keeping you indoors.

Play a board game

Chances are that you are sheltering in place with others. Regardless of whether you’re with family or with roommates, they are also stuck inside because of the smoke. So why not play a game with them? A board game is a great way to have fun and bond with the people who are stuck with you. It’s also an excuse to get away from the computer you’ve probably been spending most of your days in front of recently.

Read a book

Sometimes it’s hard to remember, but recreational reading can be fun. There are books that are as exciting and amusing as any blockbuster or sitcom. If you want something short, you could read a comic. If you’d rather have a time sink, then you could pick up a novel. There are books out there for you that you’ll love, so you might as well use the smoke as an excuse to find one and read it.

Admire the orange-yellow sunlight

The smoke does interesting things to sunlight. It often makes it appear golden or sometimes orange in the middle of the day. This kind of light can seem a bit apocalyptic, but it’s also beautiful. Take time to appreciate the small bit of beauty that comes from the smoke. It can also make sunrises and sunsets stunning, so make sure you check those out as well.

Do schoolwork

You could always do some schoolwork while stuck inside because of the smoke. Watch a lecture, do a reading or get to that quiz. You can’t use the nice weather as an excuse to get away from your computer, so you might as well get stuff done now. It may suck, but at least you will get it done sooner and won’t have to worry about school as you do the other things on this list.

We at the Clog hope this list helps you enjoy your time spent indoors because of the smoke. Do your best to have fun or find joy in light of the smoke, and stay safe.

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