Animal-free dairy company Perfect Day expands to Berkeley

Perfect Day Startup
Perfect Day/Courtesy
The company Perfect Day produces dairy proteins from plants to enable the creation of vegan dairy products.

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Perfect Day, a company that has created technologies to produce animal-free dairy products, is expanding to Berkeley.

The founders of Perfect Day sought to incorporate the taste of cheese, yogurt and other dairy products while avoiding their downsides, including the environmental and animal welfare impacts of products produced in industrial-scale animal processes, according to Perfect Day spokesperson Jennifer Eiskamp. Many dairy alternatives derived from plant proteins lack the same flavor and nutritional benefits of conventional dairy, so Perfect Day was founded to remedy this issue, Eiskamp added.

The startup will soon have access to a production facility and office space in Berkeley, according to Eiskamp.

“The Perfect Day team is reimagining the dairy supply chain and supporting the evolution of the food system to one that is more sustainable for future generations,” Eiskamp said in an email.

Perfect Day is currently in discussion with a range of food manufacturers and brands to supply the market with an array of animal-free dairy products “made in a kinder, greener way,” Eiskamp said in the email. The various manufacturers and brands are talking with Perfect Day about how they can collaborate to use Perfect Day’s flora-made dairy protein to produce animal-free products.

Eiskamp explained that Perfect Day operates in a business-to-business format. It creates a flora-made dairy protein and provides it to food brands and collaborators. Those brands and partners can then produce animal-free dairy products with Perfect Day’s protein.

Formed from a partnership with Smitten Ice Cream, Perfect Day launched its first commercial product made with its flora-derived protein, announced in May. The animal-free, lactose-free, vegan ice cream is available across the United States, according to Eiskamp.

The second consumer product using Perfect Day’s flora-made dairy protein is the ice cream brand Brave Robot, according to Eiskamp. It is the first product launched in the United States from The Urgent Company, an animal-free consumer packaged goods company, Eiskamp added.

Eiskamp hopes Perfect Day’s expansion to the East Bay will continue to nurture business growth, including continuing to solidify new partners, increase production capacity and extend its product portfolio.

“Perfect Day is continuing to closely listen to guidance from national and local health authorities and adjusting plans as needed to ensure that we’re doing everything possible to protect the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and community,” Eiskamp said in the email. “Luckily, we’ve been able to remain productive with the majority of our team working remotely from home.”

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