UC Berkeley libraries, Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union gradually reopen services

Moffitt Library
Sunny Shen/Senior Staff
The UC Berkeley Library currently offers a contactless pickup service for campus students, staff and faculty to access resources. To progress with its reopening plan, the library will gradually transition to providing more in-person services, as will the campus’ Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union and Eshleman Hall.

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UC Berkeley’s libraries, Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union and Eshleman Hall are gradually implementing services and reopening physical spaces to support students.

The UC Berkeley Library created a reopening plan that gradually moves from providing digital resources to in-person services in a series of stages, according to Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, university librarian. The student union and Eshleman Hall will open select in-person services Monday, with students able to request two-hour reservation slots for rooms, according to campus’ event services website.

“The Library has identified five stages to support learning and teaching at UC Berkeley,” MacKie-Mason said in an email. “This includes expanding digital resources, which we started immediately in the spring, and a gradual reopening of our physical spaces and services.”

As of now, the UC Berkeley Library is in the second stage of its plan and has launched Oski Xpress, a contactless pickup service at Moffitt Library, according to MacKie-Mason.

This service is only available to campus students, staff and faculty — those who use Oski Xpress must have either a Cal 1 Card or a campus library card, according to the website.

“We need to focus on completing this stage as the fall semester begins,” MacKie-Mason said in the email.

Starting Thursday, the Bancroft Library will allow students and faculty to schedule in-person research appointments. These appointments will be staggered to promote social distancing, and research materials can be requested beforehand through an online consultation and approved by a Bancroft staff member, according to the website.

Libraries on campus have not opened physical spaces and no announcement has been made, as of press time, as to when they will open, added MacKie-Mason.

“We aim to provide an on-campus space for Berkeley students when we are safely able to do so,”  MacKie-Mason said in the email.  “When we move to stage 3 of our reopening plans, we hope to open one location to current Berkeley students.”

Moffitt Library will likely be opened once stage three begins, with limited hours, required reservations and compliance with campus and public health guidelines, said MacKie-Mason.

When the student union and Eshleman Hall open meeting rooms Monday, they will only be open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to the event services website.

Students must only have a one-person occupancy in each room, noted the website.

Those who use rooms in these buildings must use the provided cleaning supplies to wipe down surfaces after use, reserve their room in advance, wear a face covering while traveling in the buildings and complete a symptom screener before their appointment, according to campus’ event services website.

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A previous version of this article may have implied Eshleman Hall and the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union are opening multiple physical spaces and in-person services. In fact, only meeting rooms in these buildings are available for students to reserve.