Comic books to read if you’re tired of superheroes

Photo of comic books
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With school and homework all online, there’s a solid chance you’re sick of looking at a screen. Some may usually turn to movies, television shows or video games for relaxing entertainment, but those options are out the window unless you want to spend even more time straining your eyes. What you need is an analog way to pass the time and enjoy a good story: Comics are just the thing.

At the very least, it would probably be a smart idea to spend some of your upcoming free time away from your desk. Why not sit back and relax with a nice comic book? They generally take less time to read than most novels, and are filled with equally captivating stories. There are so many more narratives hidden in comic books than just ones based on superheroes. Here are some nonsuperhero comics that are warmly fitting for a lazy weekend afternoon.


“Monstress” is a gorgeous fantasy comic filled with flawed but likeable characters and the occasional glimpse of body horror. It’s a story that can be beautiful on one page, yet terrifying on the next. If you are a fan of unique imaginary worlds and gripping stories, then make sure to check this series out.


Science fiction is full of wild, inventive stories set in strange universes — and sometimes, featuring bizarre aliens. The comic series “Saga” is a great example of this. With trees that double as spaceships, a cat that can tell when someone is lying and aristocratic aliens with emotionally baring television sets for heads, there’s a little something for everyone. There’s romance, adventure, loss and everything in between, so if you’re looking for a creative read, this series could be for you.

“Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins”

If you’ve never heard of the show “Critical Role,” then you are in for a treat. The livestreamed Dungeons and Dragons game, played by a group of enthusiastically nerdy voice actors, is adapted in this comic series of its early adventures in campaign one — escapades that happened well before the participants started livestreaming the game. The series has wit, character and fantasy adventure all between its pages. “Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins” is a great read that’s easy to follow, even if you haven’t seen the show, so why not give it a try?

“Giant Days”

Are you missing your college antics and misadventures now that class is online? Well, maybe you can read about someone else’s to ease that pain. “Giant Days” is about three college friends trying to make their way through everything that life and school throw their way. It’s funny, and also poignant and relatable. Give it read, and soon enough, and you’ll be hooked.

“Deadly Class”

Sometimes college can feel like life or death. This comic series takes that feeling and brings it to an 11 as characters attempt to survive a high school for assassins. It shows the joy and pain of being a teenager, while also keeping the stakes high. “Deadly Class” may take place in the ’80s, but it’s sure to connect with your experiences today.

So go out and read these delectable comic books, in which some of the most creative, interesting stories of today are being told. Why let yourself miss out?

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