Eat your frozen veggies: Why frozen vegetables are underrated

Frozen Vegetables
Josh Kahen/Staff

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For college students, regularly going to the grocery store for fresh veggies can feel like a big task on top of piles of readings and projects. And then, not only do you have to keep track of assignments and quizzes, but you also have to keep track of which veggies you bought when and how soon they’ll go bad. The solution has been hiding right under your nose the whole time: frozen vegetables! Frozen veggies get a bad rap, but they’re a great option for college students. Check out this list for some reasons why.

They won’t go bad after just two days

You know how you always seem to buy veggies at the store, only to find them moldy in your fridge under piles of other treats a couple of days later? It happens to the best of us — in fact, it happens to a lot of us. If you buy vegetables frozen, this problem is virtually eliminated. Most frozen fruits and vegetables stay safe to eat for a while, as long as you’re careful about letting things defrost and then freezing them again. No one likes wasting money and resources by having to throw away moldy broccoli or mushrooms, and this is a great way to avoid that. You can also opt to buy fresh vegetables, but toss them in the freezer as soon as you get home.

They’re just as delicious as fresh veggies

There are tons of vegetables that reheat super well, to the extent that you would have no idea they were once frozen. OK, if you’re a salad person, lettuce is not one of those foods. But even some foods that may seem weird to reheat can actually work really well. For instance, if you freeze some tomatoes, get creative with the way you reheat them. If you add them to a stew, sauce or stir-fry, they’ll blend right in (just don’t try to put them on your sandwich).

There’s no shame in buying frozen

Seriously, get this out of your head. How could it ever be bad to decrease the chance of having to throw your food out? Frozen food isn’t shameful; it’s smart. Take a second to consider why you have a negative perception of frozen food. It might boil down to some elitist “right way” to eat and get your nutrients, but at the end of the day, frozen veggies are getting the same job done. And there are plenty of options for organic and non-GMO frozen vegetables if that’s something you prioritize. So don’t let the stigma around frozen food get you down. You’re a super busy college student; cut yourself some slack.

You can go to the grocery store less

Somehow every time you go to the grocery store, you end up with a million things you don’t actually need, right? Yeah, we know the story. It can be so hard to resist that chip aisle. Well, if you buy frozen veggies, you can buy in bulk and go to the store less. This means fewer unnecessary and expensive purchases. It also means you won’t have to spend all the time you allocated for studying strolling the aisles at the store. All those frequent grocery trips will be a thing of the past.

There are tons of benefits to eating frozen veggies that aren’t included on this list. For instance, eating frozen veggies can be a great way to prioritize space in the fridge for other items, and having some frozen peas around can be a great temporary ice pack if you stub your toe on the coffee table again. But don’t just take our word for it; get out there and purchase some frozen veg yourself!

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